PMQs LIVE: May to clash with Corbyn as PM faces HUGE BACKLASH over Brexit deal

PMQs LIVE: May to clash with Corbyn as PM faces HUGE BACKLASH over Brexit deal

The Prime Minister has received a furious response from throughout Westminster after outlining a new plan in a desperate attempt to rally support for the under-fire Withdrawal Agreement Bill. Following a three-hour meeting with her Cabinet on Tuesday, Theresa May announced a 10-point compromise, including offering a vote on whether to hold a second referendum, as well as a choice over the UK’s future customs arrangements. She said there was “one last chance” for MPs to deliver on the result of the 2016 referendum and take the UK out of the European Union, and announced a new Bill would be published in the next few days.

But the announcement was met with a huge backlash, with Jeremy Corbyn immediately telling the Prime Minister Labour won’t back a “repackaged version of the same old deal”.

Leadership rivals Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab, who were among Tories to back Mrs May’s Brexit deal in March, have also vowed to oppose the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) when it is brought before Parliament early next month.

Mr Johnson said: “Now we are being asked to vote for a customs union and a second referendum. The Bill is directly against our manifesto – and I will not vote for it.”

Former Brexit Secretary Mr Raab said: “I cannot support legislation that would be the vehicle for a second referendum or customs union.”

Mrs May has also piled further pressure on Mr Corbyn in a three-page letter to the Labour leader, urging him to now compromise and telling him she has met his Brexit demands.


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