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Piers Morgan's wife savagely mocks Trump as he blasts 'loser' ex pal 'Straight in the bin'

Piers Morgan, 55, and his wife Celia Walden, 45, have taken to their respective social media pages to share their thoughts on Donald Trump and new American President Joe Biden today. Ahead of the latter’s speech at his inauguration, Celia couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Trump as he finally left the White Office. The journalist took to her Instagram page to share a cup of tea alongside two lollies; one with Trump’s face on and the other with Joe’s.

In view of her 27,000 followers, she wrote: “The one on the right [Trump] is going straight in the bin.

“Anything that colour’s bound to be toxic. #suckonthatdonald #deliverance.”

Many of her fans flocked to her post to comment.

One user wrote: “That’s great,” alongside crying with laughter emojis.

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A second commented: “Good riddance to the air head, the world became a safer place today.”

“Hallelujah,” a third added.

Celia’s post was also liked by her husband Piers, who has shared his thoughts during Biden’s inauguration this evening.

While watching the footage of Joe’s ceremony, the Good Morning Britain presenter tweeted: “Is that squealing baby Trump?”

“Wonderful pinnacle of a 50-year political career bedevilled by personal tragedy.

“A decent, empathetic, intelligent man on a mission to heal America. Good luck, President Biden.”

He followed up his post, writing: “This is a great speech, the best I’ve ever heard Biden.”

Earlier today, Piers couldn’t resist taking one final swipe at Trump before he officially stepped down as President.

He tweeted: “You blew it, Donald.

“If you’d shown Americans leadership & empathy when it really mattered in the past year, you’d have been re-elected.

“Instead, you failed them. Spectacularly badly. And now you slink off as a gutless graceless sore loser. How pathetic. Shame on you.”

Trump broke tradition by not attending his successor’s inauguration today.

Joe said of Trump at a news conference: “He’s been an embarrassment to the country, embarrassed us around the world. He’s not worthy to hold that office.”

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