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Ozark season 4: Julia Garner speaks out on Ruth Langmore’s biggest regret ‘Can’t go back’

Speaking during a Q&A panel hosted by Deadline, Garner detailed all when asked about her character’s development and the iconic scene opposite Linney when Ruth calls Wendy a “b***h wolf”.

“Well, first of all, I had so much fun – I mean, it was nerve-wracking doing that scene with Laura because I never want to call Laura a ‘b***h wolf (laughs),” Garner said.

She continued: “But I had so much fun doing that, you know. We don’t work as often as I would like, so I had so much fun working with Laura on that.

“But I think the main thing with Ruth is (that) the further the seasons go, the more that, what I feel that she feels, is she kind of wishes she can go back.”

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