‘Nobody wants you!’ Jeremy Corbyn’s new ‘vanity project’ sparks brutal backlash

And veteran political commentator Ian Hernon has said “Project Corbyn” proved the Islington North MP was “as deluded as ever”, more than a year after his crushing general election defeat to Boris Johnson. Mr Corbyn is the founder of the Project for Peace & Justice.

A post from the official Twitter feed announced: “We’re over the moon.

“Half a million reached; tens of thousands watching much or all of our launch, £30k in small donations in one day; 36,000 supporters signed up.”

Large numbers of supporters subsequently voiced their support.

Large numbers of supporters subsequently voiced their support.

One commented: “Awesome! Please form a new party. 100,000 covid deaths. 120,000 austerity deaths.

“Labour has consistently sabotaged all attempts at progressive policies that would save & improve lives.

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However, Mr Hernon, whose book, Anti-Semitism and the Left, published by Amberley last year, was highly critical of Mr Corbyn, did not share their enthusiasm, suggesting the initiative was a “vanity project and a “personality cult”.

The former deputy editor of Tribune, who has been a member of the party in the past, told “Jeremy Corbyn appears to be taking lessons from the Donald Trump playbook – refusing to accept that the people don’t want him and flirting with the idea of a new party to continue his toxic legacy. Good luck with that.

“Forty years ago this week the Gang of Four broke with Labour to set up their own party, helping to keep the Tories in power for another 16 years.

“Corbyn could not even beat Theresa May and Boris Johnson – two of our worst PMs in modern times – and handed the Tories the North’s Red Wall.

“Project Corbyn shows that he and his cronies are as deluded as ever.”

Mr Corbyn has had a rocky relationship with the party since stepping down last year, and was temporarily suspended by replacement Sir Keir Starmer for comments made in the wake of the publication of an Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report into anti-Semitism last year.

He was subsequently reinstated in a move which prompted significant criticism.

Margaret Hodge, the Labour MP for Barking and Dagenham, said: “I simply cannot comprehend why it is acceptable for Corbyn to be a Labour MP if he thinks antisemitism is exaggerated and a political attack, refuses to apologise, never takes responsibility for his actions and rejects the findings of the EHRC report.”

Ian Austin, the former MP who quit the party over the issue, said: “I praised Keir Starmer when Corbyn was suspended.

“But this decision undermines all the progress he has made.

“In the end, they have to decide if they want to repair relations with the Jewish community and show lifelong Labour voters who turned away in disgust at the extremism and racism that poisoned the party under Corbyn that things have changed.” has contacted Mr Corbyn offering him a chance to respond to Mr Hernon’s remarks.

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