Navratri 2020 Vrat Snack: Make Sago Kebab With Coconut And Banana

Navratri 2020: Make vrat-friendly kebab with sabudana.


  • Navratri is an important Hindu festival in India.
  • Make vrat-special sago kebab during Navratri.
  • Here’s an easy recipe to make it at home.

Cooking and eating the same kind of meals every other day can be very boring, especially during Navratri when you have a limited option of meals for your vrat-special menu. If your family is bored of the regular vrat foods and is nudging you to make something unusual, surprise them with this restaurant-like kebab, which is made wholly with vrat-friendly foods. The quirky sago kebab made with an impressive combination of sago, coconut and banana is anything but ordinary.  

Navratri 2020: Sago – Why Is It A Popular Food For Navratri Menu?

You must be using sago or sabudana to make kheer for Navratri. Try something new next time you pick up the pack. Make delicious kebabs with it that will make a fancy addition to your snacks menu. Sago is derived from the milk of tapioca root and is an invaluable source of energy to keep us going on our fast. Its high-fibre content makes the kebab easy to digest, which might not be the case with regular fried kebabs that we get in restaurants.

Sago is not the only cornerstone of this special Navratri meal. Banana and coconut also add their distinct flavour, texture and nutritive value to make the vrat-special snack worthy of trying.


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Sago is commonly used to make vrat-friendly meals.

Navratri-Special Sago Kebab Snack Recipe –

Click here for the complete recipe of sago kebabs with coconut and banana.

The recipe is by Michelin Plate Winner Chef Dayashankar Sharma. Go through the recipe and you’ll see how easy it is to make it at home. Boil raw banana and grate it after it will have cooled down. Grate fresh coconut and roast in ghee, and then grate it. Mix mashed banana, grated coconut, soaked and drained sago along with chopped almonds, green chillies, black peppercorns and vrat-special salt. Divide the mixture into kebabs and coat with sago pearls. Then cook on both the sides in ghee till golden brown.


The kebabs will look and taste so good that you’ll save this vrat-special recipe and use it again and again to entertain your guests this festive season.

Happy Navratri 2020!

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