Navratri 2020: How To Make Instant Vrat Idli And Chutney At Home


  • Idli is a popular South Indian treat
  • Idli is traditionally made with rice batter
  • Idli is a soft and spongy dish which is paired with sambhar

Idli has to be one of our most beloved breakfasts of all times. These puffy rice cakes doused in sambhar or chutney make for a sumptuous fare each time. However, since we all know rice is not allowed during Navratri fasting, so all of us who are observing a vrat would have to refrain from this spongy South Indian breakfast… or not! Yes, it is very much possible to have idlis during your vrat, provided it is made with vrat-friendly ingredients. In this recipe, food vlogger Parul schools us how to make idli, Navratri style!  

To make theses plate idlis, all you need to do is make a smooth batter made of one cup samak or sama rice, one-fourth cup sabudana. Blend the two in a blender with sendha namak until you get a fine powder. Take out this powder in a bowl, add a cup of curd to this mix and combine well until you get a smooth water. Add water is required. You can pour this batter in a steamer and steam for 10  minutes or make it without a  steamer in a pan using a stand as shown in the video posted on ‘Cook With Parul’.

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The video also comes with an instant vrat chutney. To make the vrat chutney you would need to blend roasted peanuts, green chillies dessicated coconut, sendha namak, black pepper powder, curd. Blend them all and your chutney is ready!


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Watch How To Make Instant Vrat Idli And Chutney Here:


Have this instant, weight-loss-friendly idli at home this Navratri and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.  

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