Murderer sentenced to death gets another last meal on death row as appeal rejected


A murderer sentenced to death will tonight have his final meal for the second time after his first scheduled execution was suddenly axed.

Ray “Jeff” Cromartie, 52, had a desperate appeal to stop his execution rejected.

The killer was originally scheduled to die October 30 but he insisted he did not shoot dead shop owner Richard Slysz during a robbery some 25 years ago.

He appealed the decision after requesting his first meal, local media says. It’s unclear what that was.

And he will receive lethal injection in Georgia, US, tonight after a giant second last meal of macaroni and cheese, steak, rice and gravy, a steak and cheese sandwich, a double cheeseburger, French fries, a side of ranch dressing, a strawberry milkshake and layered cake with white icing.

He has always conceded he and his co-defendant Corey Clark were guilty of robbery but claimed neither he or his pal didn’t know who pulled the trigger to shoot Mr Slysz.

The execution bed sits empty on Death Row

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The Board of Pardons and Paroles in Georgia, US, dismissed his argument.

Mr Slysz, 50, was murdered at Junior Food Store in Thomasville, near the Florida border.

But Clark and getaway driver, Thad Lucas, were both cleared of murder charges.

They were imprisoned for the roles in the heist but released in the early 2000s.

Speaking previously after Cromartie made his appeal, Melven Johnson, of the Thomasville Police Department, said: “A jury has found him guilty and sentenced him to death.

“I think to give these families and this victim some satisfaction and let them get this off their minds, it needs to happen.”


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