Mum-of-three’s cunning way of getting her kids to do the dusting and vacuuming is praised by other parents


A MUM has revealed her genius hack for getting her kids to help around the house thanks to an impressive rewards system.

Shelley Kozyra – who has two sons aged seven and five, and a two-year-old daughter – appears to have seamlessly got her children mucking in with chores like dusting and vacuuming.

A mum-of-three has been praised for her genius way of getting her kids to help out around the house

The woman, from Sydney in Australia, posted a picture of a whiteboard attached with buckets from IKEA.

It details how her boys Nate and Isaac can do household chores in order to earn tokens to trade for things they want to do.

“Full-time work and being mum to my beautiful three little ones Mr 7, Mr 5 and Miss 2 is busy and need all the help we can get,” Shelley wrote.

“Aim is to work towards a number of tokens (laminated happy faces) that they put in the buckets and trade-in for something they would really like.

Full-time work and being mum to my beautiful three little ones Mr 7, Mr 5 and Miss 2 is busy and need all the help we can get

Mum-of-three Shelley

“When ready – [they can get] a special outing (movies, dinner etc) one-on-one time, stay up a bit later, screen time or an item from the shops.”

The board revealed that Nate was in charge of tidying up the yard and bathroom, while Isaac was tasked with helping sort clothes and cooking in the kitchen.

At the time of posting, the former son had earned tokens for putting on bin liners and cleaning his room, while his brother had also helped with the bin liners and got off his iPad when asked.

Doing their two set chores, as well as two others of their choice – like dusting and vacuuming – and other good pieces of behaviour would earn them tokens.

They are also given a token for following all the ‘house rules’ – including using nice words and no biting or kicking.

Shelley Kozyra revealed in a Facebook post her impressive rewards system

Leah, her daughter, appeared to be exempt from the chores, perhaps due to her young age.

Her rewards system was promptly praised by fellow parents who left comments on her post.

One wrote: “Dolphin thoughts, bucket filling, positive reward system and an organised house chart – teacher?”

Another commented: “Love this! I love how you put a visual to bucket-filling!”

A third shared: “This is so thoughtful and cute! Great job, Mummy!”

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