Mum gives her bedroom a stunning ‘Mrs Hinch’ makeover – but people can’t stop staring at her teasmade


A MRS Hinch fan has proudly showed off her redecorated bedroom online – but it wasn’t the stunning transformation that got people talking.

Members of a Facebook group, in which she shared a picture of the finished result, couldn’t help but be more intrigued by the mysterious machine on her bedside table.

Members of Facebook group ‘Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It’ were left intrigued by a mum’s teasmade on her bedside table

Posting on the ‘Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It’ page, a mum called Jenny revealed she had given her bedroom a makeover, using the spotless home of Sophie ‘Mrs Hinch’ Hinchcliffe as inspiration.

She shared a picture of the very tasteful result, and captioned it: “Fully hinched bedroom…. will now be sleeping on the sofa as not to ruin it!”

The snap soon received more than a hundred ‘likes’ with many social media users complimenting her on the transformation.

However, it was one item on her bedside table in the image that particularly got people talking.

Because who can be be bothered to go downstairs [for a cuppa] first thing in the morning!


One person asked: “Pray tell! What is that thing of beauty next to the bed? Left hand side?”

Jenny replied that it was a teasmade – or tea maker – explaining “because who can be be bothered to go downstairs first thing in the morning!”

The woman replied: “Genius!!! I didn’t even realise you could still get these.”

A teasmade is a machine, usually kept on a bedside table, that makes tea and was once widely used in UK homes.

You can buy a teasmade from Argos
  • Swan STM201 Vintage Teasmade, £59.99, Argos – buy here

It generally incorporates an alarm clock to ensure that tea is ready first thing in the morning when someone wakes up.

Another person jokingly commented on the post: “I have one of these.. it’s called John. But seriously I need one of these!”

Jenny added: “It’s like a gift from the gods… no stumbling downstairs for me when still half asleep!!”

And a fourth person shared: “Omg I love it, I need one.”

You can buy a teasmade from Amazon and Argos.

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