Mum claiming £20k from man for ‘secret’ daughter, 21, says he’s known ALL ALONG – and blasts him for refusing DNA test

Mum claiming £20k from man for ‘secret’ daughter, 21, says he’s known ALL ALONG – and blasts him for refusing DNA test

A MUM claiming £20,000 from an oil rigger for a “secret daughter” today insisted he has known about her since birth – and blasted him for not taking a DNA test.

The 52-year-old from Hartlepool, who we have chosen not to identify, said Ross Mclaughlan has “known all along he was the father” to the girl, who is now 21.

Ross Mclaughlan, 55, has been paying maintenance for a child he said he never knew existed

Ross, 55, from Stockton-on-Tees, moaned earlier this week that he has been paying child support for the young woman for the past eight years.

To date he has had £10,000 deducted from his wages and been told he owes a further £10,000. But having lost his job he is now refusing to pay any more money.

He said he had no recollection of the mum, described her as a “money grabbing b****” and insisted he would never take a DNA test.

Dismissing his claims as “nonsense”, the 52-year-old mum today told the Sun Online that Ross had always known about his “daughter”.


She said she became pregnant during a brief affair with Ross and gave birth to their daughter in June 1997.

She said: “I told him that I was pregnant and the baby was his, he knew she’d been born and I’ve even spoken to him since.

“I know for certain he’s her dad and he knows it too. The whole thing is nonsense. There is no doubt [he is the father].

“For him to say he had no knowledge and to go public with it is appalling because he’s dragged my daughter into something she never wanted to involved with.

“He’s lucky the money is not back dated all the way back up when she was born because he’s known about her since then.”

Her daughter, 21, added: “I do understand that he might be hurt by the way things have happened but my mum was not sure who my father was until I took the DNA test.

“I do wonder why, when he found out from the Child Support Agency that he had a child and started paying maintenance, he didn’t get in touch.”


For his part, Ross – who has never married – insists he has no memory of the woman.

He told the Sun Online: “These people are money-hunting cheats. No way am I paying anymore for someone else’s child, no way.

“They’ve denied my rights, taken my wages, taken away my pension and I’ve lost my job. It’s disgusting how they have done this. It’s only about their money and greed.

“I’m livid that these people can do this to another person.”

The saga started eight years ago when Ross received a letter from the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) informing him he was dad to a 13-year-old girl, for whom he was financially responsible. He claims he had no idea she existed.

At first he tried to ignore it but then, worried that kicking up a fuss might land him in trouble with his job, he paid up the £100 a month sum.

However, four years ago Ross got another letter from the CMS telling him the amount he had to fork out was increasing to £320 a month, leaving him with an income of £900, after tax.

At that point Ross requested a copy of the girl’s birth certificate where he found the section headed “father” didn’t have his name on it, but instead a man with the same surname as the girl and her mum.

He wrote to the CMS hoping that would be enough to help resolve the issue.

But they wrote back to him saying that wasn’t sufficient proof that man was the girl’s biological dad and so the money continued to come out of his account.

To make matters worse, when his “daughter” turned 21 the organisation claimed he owed a further £10,000 in retrospective payments.


The 55-year-old is adamant he will never take a DNA test.

He told the Sun Online: “The reason I won’t take a DNA test is because I don’t know of any reason why [I should].

“I’ve had no contact with the mother or child and when I checked it out, the child’s parents were boldly on the birth certificate. End of issue.

“I won’t have a DNA test. Not ever. There is a birth certificate saying exactly what the DNA test is asking. It’s pretty simple, that’s the declaration of parentage.

“The money-grabbing b**** just wants to disrespect the declaration of parentage, the birth certificate, so she can claim somebody else’s money.”

He added: “What’s happened to me feels like extortion, something that would happen in a fascist state.

“I don’t want to meet them. There are no issues to thrash out with the money. She obviously doesn’t want me to have anything to do with her daughter.

“If this money-grabbing b**** had any intention of me having anything to do with her child then you’d have thought she would have reached out to me before she was 13.

“She would need security to stop me from punching her because she’s ruined my career.”

A spokesman for the Department of Work and Pensions, which oversees the CMS, said he could not discuss individual cases but added: “We notify people before making deductions to ensure they have a chance to contest parentage. When parentage is disputed we look for conclusive proof such as a DNA test or a court declaration.

“A birth certificate can be used as evidence, but would be discounted if there’s a suggestion that it’s unreliable.”

The mum said she was married at the time of the affair with Ross and thought her husband was the father.

The couple split when her daughter was a toddler.

Some years later her ex-husband, suspecting the girl was not his, requested a DNA test, which confirmed his suspicions.

He said he had insisted on a DNA test but said he’d never heard of Ross.

Ross is adamant he will never take a DNA test
Ross, 55, from Stockton-on-Tees, received a letter eight years ago telling him he was the father to a teenage girl
Ross said he’d lost his job as an oil rigger as a result

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