Mum, 45, leaves her daughter humiliated by insisting on getting her a LAP DANCE from six male strippers to celebrate her 21st birthday on TLC’s sMothered

Mum, 45, leaves her daughter humiliated by insisting on getting her a LAP DANCE from six male strippers to celebrate her 21st birthday on TLC’s sMothered

A MORTIFIED daughter was given a lap dance by six male strippers after her mum booked it for her 21st birthday.

On tonight’s episode of TLC show sMothered, Sandra, 45, and daughter Mariah, 21, clash in Las Vegas after having very different ideas on how to celebrate.

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Sandra (pictured right), 45, and daughter Mariah, 21 (left), clash during a birthday party in Vegas on TLC’s sMothered[/caption]

Sandra admitted her husband had reservations about the mum and daughter duo heading to Sin City, and said: “He thinks a mother and daughter shouldn’t party together.”

She later reveals on the show: “First I surprised her with lip injections and now we’re going to the Black Magic Live show which is an all-male strip show.”

Mariah says: “It’s kind of raunchy.  I know that’s what Vegas is about but I’m not really into it. I would’ve rather just went to a regular club.”

Reluctantly Mariah agrees to the strip joint, but only if she doesn’t get dragged up for a lap dance – however her mum has other ideas.

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Mariah is humiliated after her mum books six strippers to give her a lap dance[/caption]


Daughter Mariah is not impressed when her mum takes her to the ‘raunchy’ club[/caption]


Whispering to the waitress, Sandra starts to scheme, and it isn’t long before the host calls Mariah up on stage, to which she says in horror: “Oh hell no”.

Mariah, being filmed by her excited mum, covers her face in embarrassment as six strippers writhe around her.

Mariah’s annoyance comes out as they leave the club, with her saying: “Being on stage was embarrassing, all the women were looking at me and I know they were like ‘why isn’t she having a good time.’

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Mariah is upset with her mum for missing the mark[/caption]

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The pair typically do everything together and are very close[/caption]


After the strip experience, Mariah says she doesn’t want to talk to her mum[/caption]

“It’s just something I didn’t want to do.”

Shocked Sandra retaliates saying: “Are you serious? This is what people do in Vegas, you’re 21!”

Mariah replies: “I specifically told you not to bring me up there, I told you this and you still did it.

“I didn’t want them grinding on me, getting me all oily and wet, I didn’t want that at all”.


Mariah often uploads lingerie snaps to her social media pages[/caption]

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Mariah admits that Sandra ruined her 21st birthday[/caption]


Mariah has a staggering 428,000 followers on Instagram[/caption]

Rolling her eyes Sandra angrily retorts: “You know what, I’m just the worst mother ever. So it happened, what do you want me to do?”

Mariah walks away to end the argument, saying: “Nothing, I just don’t even want to talk to you anymore. My mother ruined by 21st birthday”.

sMothered continues tonight at 10pm exclusively on TLC 

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