Mount Etna eruption: Sicilian volcano violently spews lava 1km into the sky

Mount Etna has erupted late last night, belching smoke and ash over Sicily. The eruption was even seen from space, with the European Space Agency (ESA) publishing powerful images of the fallout. Mount Etna is the biggest volcano in Europe and is one of the world’s most active.

As of Tuesday morning, the volcano is still worrying signs of activity and the eruption is ongoing.

According to volcano trackers at Volcano Discovery, the stratovolcano has been spewing jets of lava 1km into the sky.

Volcano Discovery said: “Once more, Etna produced a very impressive show of unsurpassed fireworks at night: The – awaited – 5th lava fountaining episode (known as paroxysm) occurred late at night and turned out to be particular violent, equal or even stronger than the previous one 48 hours earlier.

“It was the 5th in a row during a single week’s time.”

The eruption was preceded by mild activity that picked up about 10pm local time last night.

Tremors were also felt at the volcano, indicating magma was rising to the surface.

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