Michigan man charged with assaulting Capitol cops with hockey stick, FBI says

A Michigan man carrying a hockey stick during the U.S. Capitol insurrectionist riot struck police officers who were outdoors trying to protect the building, the FBI said Thursday.

Michael Foy of Wixom was charged with five crimes, including assault and obstruction of law enforcement, for his alleged role in the Jan. 6 attack. Investigators said he crawled through a broken window at the Capitol after police were assaulted.

“The article indicates that the video footage was taken during the attack of a law enforcement officer. Specifically, the video shows a large crowd of individuals gathered around an entrance to the U.S. Capitol,” according to a criminal complaint. “It further shows the man with the hockey stick lifting the stick above his head and swinging it down rapidly, striking an individual on the ground several times. At no point does it appear that the individual on the ground is acting aggressively, nor does it appear that the attack is justified.”

The case was filed in Washington, D.C., but Foy appeared in Detroit federal court after his arrest.

He will remain in custody until a detention hearing Monday.


The FBI said a Facebook page belonging to Foy’s father as well as a YouTube video helped investigators identify him.

In addition, Assistant U.S. Attorney Hank Moon said Washington police have body-cam video.

The YouTube video shows Foy striking officers who had been knocked down and dragged into the crowd of rioters, the FBI said in a court filing.

“This attack continues for approximately 16 seconds until Foy is knocked down by another rioter. … Foy raises his hockey stick above his head in celebration,” the FBI said.

Foy is the second Michigan man to be charged in the Capitol violence. Karl Dresch of Calumet appeared in federal court in the Upper Peninsula on Wednesday.

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