Meet the sexy chef earning thousands from doing cooking videos in bikinis


AN AMATEUR chef is making thousands of pounds online after cooking up a storm in her kitchen – naked.

Ruby Day runs a popular Cooking Naked series on YouTube, which has seen her rack up more than 450,000 followers.

Ruby is thought to make thousands from her Cooking Naked videos

Red-haired Ruby, from Texas, USA, whips up everything from muffins to pasta salad wearing nothing but a tiny apron.

Her ‘recipe’ videos are a hit with fans, and Ruby uses strategically place emojis to cover her modesty when her apron slips.

While her cooking videos aren’t that long – two minutes on average – some of her tutorials have been watched more than 900,000 times.

Commenting on one of her most clips – a Tuscan chicken recipe – one fan said: “I watched the whole video, and I don’t even cook.”

Ruby has racked up more than 450,000 followers with her videos

Another wrote: “What did you cook for dinner again?”

A third said: “Ruby could be making PBJ sandwiches and I still would be enraptured.”

Ruby said that her point of her page was to spread “sexy comedic positivity”.

She told the Daily Star: “It’s a great motivation for people to cook.

“The majority of my patrons come for the healthy recipes and stay for the laughs.

Ruby cooks everything from sweet to savoury dishes

“I love creating the cooking videos, they are so much fun with good food too.”

She has a dedicated ‘patreon’ page where she earns money from fans subscribing to her content.

costs range from £2.31 ($3) to £15.40 ($20) a month, where she promises a look at her “newest uncut cooking naked recipe videos and archives”.

And she also sells premium packages for £38.51 ($50) and £96.26 ($125), as well as a ‘personalised cooking video’ for £154.02 ($200), netting the Youtuber thousands a month.

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