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Mark Labbett hits back at ‘upset’ Beat The Chasers viewers following Shaun Wallace remark

Another replied: “In a team, any single person perceived to be detrimentally affecting the performance of the team with sloppiness should expect to be called out.”

A third commented: “Is this about the rant at Shaun? If so, I feel it was perfectly justified in the circumstances. Could easily have been the difference between winning and losing.”

While a fourth responded: “You are a Chaser. Out of character you are a kind person. In character, you have to be mean and do your best to win. I love every episode of The Chase you are in. I know if you get a question wrong that you genuinely didn’t know the answer. Keep up the great work Mark!”

It comes as Shaun made a blunder on Beat The Chasers when asked by host Bradley Walsh: “Which children’s writer created the Oompa Loompa?”

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