Make Protein-Rich Rajasthani Snack 'Pithole' For Your Diabetes Diet (Recipe Inside)

Pithole recipe is a must-try.


  • Pithole is a popular Rajsthani snack.
  • It is rich in proteins and good for diabetes diet.
  • Here’s an easy recipe to make it at home.

The popularity of Rajasthani cuisine remains a mystery to me. Harsh weather conditions, scanty rainfall, sparse food production and limited seasonal foods – the people of Rajasthan braved all the odds to prepare delicious meals all year-round. Rajasthani meals are known for their robust and rich flavours, and not just their lavish Rajasthani thali, almost all Rajasthani snacks are poplar across the country. If you love kanji vada, pyaaz kahori, kalmi vada, mathri, bhujia etc., you’ll love Rajasthani pithole too.

Pithole is one of the healthier offerings of Rajasthani cuisine and is consumed commonly as an evening snack. It is made with besan (gram flour) and methi, both the foods are rich in proteins, and are excellent for diabetes diet. We have got the recipe of authentic pithore for you to try at home. Here it is:

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gram flour or besan

Gram flour is rich in proteins.


Protein-Rich Rajasthani Pithole Recipe For Diabetes Diet:

Half cup besan
Half cup methi leaves  
3 tbsp curd
Salt to taste
Red chilli powder to taste
Half tsp turmeric powder
Half tsp cumin seeds
3 green chillies
Half tsp grated ginger
Half tsp sesame seeds (til)


Step 1 – Grind together green chilli and ginger along with some water to make a paste. You can even add some garlic if you want.
Step 2 – In a bowl, mix besan, methi leaves, curd, salt, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, cumin seeds and ginger-green chilli paste. Add water to make a smooth batter of pouring consistency.
Step 3 – Heat some oil in a pan, pour the batter and cook it till oil separates. Let it cool.
Step 4 – Pour the batter in a greased tray and let it set for about one hour.
Step 5 – Make tempering by frying some sesame seeds in oil. Pour it over pithole and cut it into pieces of desired shape and size.

Try this recipe and you’ll find your new favourite Rajasthani snack.

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