Love Island fans left stunned as Curtis shaves Tommy’s bum in the bath in Unseen Bits

Love Island fans left stunned as Curtis shaves Tommy’s bum in the bath in Unseen Bits

LOVE Island fans were left stunned after they watched Curtis shaving Tommy’s bum in Unseen Bits on Saturday night.

Tommy, 20, stood in the bath and whipped his pants down before Curtis set to work, running the electric razor over his pert cheeks.


The lads had been ripping Tommy about his personal hygiene when Curtis offered to do his dirty work for him.

Tommy wanted to impress Molly-Mae and asked beautician Amber for help, but Curtis took the reigns as she stood watched.

Offering encouragement she said: “You’re tensing your cheeks. Don’t fart.”

Tommy leaned on the mirror for support as he tried to look over his shoulders, asking Jordan: “Is anything coming off?”

But Jordan just stood there in stunned silence looking a bit disturbed, and Amber said: “Yeah it is. Oh yeah that looks fantastic. Much better.”

Molly was nowhere to be seen, and Curtis said: “Now that you’ve had this done, Molly’s going to love you in a different way.”


Viewers were amazed on Twitter, after learning that Anton gets his mum to shave his bum earlier on in the series.

One person said: “i’ve seen it all now that i’ve seen curtis shave tommy’s arse”

Another tweeted: “Why’s Tommy getting his arse shaved 😂

f****g hell Anton has set a new trend the bum shave”

One more joked: “tommy’s so big it takes 4 people to shave an arse”


Earlier, viewers in hysterics when an unfortunate camera angle made Curtis look totally NAKED while he rapped about making love.

The 23-year-old professional dancer was chatting to Chris Taylor in the garden when the gaffe occurred.

The conversation started with Chris asking Curtis if he’d made up his mind, with the hunk caught in a love triangle between Maura Higgins and Francesca Allen.



Curtis looked totally nude in the awkward camera angle blunder

Curtis said: “I am 5% more to one person, yeah.”

Chris replied: “I think I know but if you don’t tell me, I don’t know, then I have plausible deniability on the situation.”

The two men have taken to creating rap songs while bored in the villa, so naturally Curtis then started to riff his way through the decision.

This freestyle took a particularly saucy turn, with the Islander rapping: “Two girls, I’m gonna take it real slow, I don’t know who to pick, I don’t know where to go.

A different camera angle confirmed the Islander WAS wearing clothes

“I’m gonna choose them but I don’t know, gonna take it slow.

“One more time, I’m gonna take it slow, making love, making love, making love, rock your body, making love.”

But viewers at home were more distracted by his appearance than his skills, with one writing: “Oh ffs, why the f*** is Curtis naked?”

Another shared the crying with laughter emoji, adding: “Curtis looks naked!”

Others begged the pair to never rap again, claiming that the scenes were “embarrassing” and “cringe”.

One critic moaned: “STOP. RAPPING. PLEASE.”

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