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Lorraine Kelly home: TV star stuns fans with glimpse inside charming Buckinghamshire house

Lorraine Kelly gave viewers a snapshot of her gorgeous home in Buckinghamshire yesterday which she shares with her dog Angus and her husband. The presenter told viewers that during lockdown she has become more “house proud” as she cleans, tidies and organises her home. “My cupboards have never looked better, they’re in great shape,” she said.

Lorraine also said she tried her hand at cooking during lockdown even though she claims she’s “not very good at it”.

“I’ve started off with this really simple recipe for granola.

“But it hasn’t quite worked out. It’s all sort of stuck together because I made the mistake of putting it all together with the raisins in it and you’re supposed to out the raisins in after it’s cooked.

“So it’s almost like an energy bar but do you know what? It tastes okay and that’s all that matters.”

While showing viewers her lockdown habits, they also managed to gain insight into what the presenter’s home is like and how she styles her abode.

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An old-fashioned spice rack has been placed on the wall to the left on the sink with little hooks on it.

Lorraine has carefully organised containers filled with what looks like grains on top of the spice cupboard.

She also has a wooden butchers block to protect her worktop and prepare food.

Living Room

Viewers managed to get a bit more insight into her living room has she hoovered and told them about her lockdown activities.

Lorraine’s living room looked luxurious and spacious with large, pale pine bookshelves stacked full of books.

She even had a large shelf ladder so she can reach books on the top shelf.

Viewers also managed to steal a glimpse of her hallway which is painted white with plenty of windows and French patio doors.

Pictures line the walls and plants and more framed photos sit on the window sills.

Lorraine also has a mahogany sideboard in her lounge which sits behind her sofa.

A vase of red and white roses have been placed on top of it along with a creamy lamp.

Two paintings of her beloved dog Angus half next to the bookshelves.

Lorraine has two three-seater sofas in her lounge with a huge footrest in the centre of them.

The sofas are dark brown and suede with low backs and high arms, and have been decorated with mustard cushions.

Paintings line the white walls and a white, Victorian-style radiator cover can be seen in the background.

Unlike other celebrity homes, Lorraine’s looks homely and lived-in, with rustic charm and comfortable furnishings.


Lorraine showed viewers her conservatory while playing a game of Monopoly.

“I’ve dug out the Monopoly. Yes, it’s come to this – and this is a special Dundee version,” she said.

She added: “It’s actually really quite good fun!”

The room had plenty of light with huge windows looking out onto a wall with plants growing up it.

She sat at a pine table on a grey suede upholstered chair.

A chrome lantern with a cream pillar candle can is on the window sill.

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