Laurence Fox branded a 'MONSTER' in explosive Jeremy Vine race row: 'He did not listen!'

Jeremy Vine had plenty to get through on today’s show as he welcomed actor Laurence Fox, commentator Iain Dale and journalist and Remainer Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. And it didn’t take long for the heated differing of opinions to boil over on-screen as Jeremy quizzed Laurence about being branded a “racist” for previous comments made on BBC’s Question Time, much to the anger of Yasmin. So much so, the former Lewis star was branded a “monster” by Yasmin as she embarked on a furious rant about the actor’s comments on the Channel 5 show.

Jeremy replayed a moment from Question Time on the Channel 5 show this morning which showed Laurence hitting back at an audience member.

The member of public suggested Laurence was “white and privileged” and thus had distorted views on racism, which prompted the actor to claim that in itself was a racist remark.

It was a topic of heated debate on Jeremy Vine today as Yasmin was clearly infuriated by Laurence’s remarks and subsequent attitude towards the incident as he stood by his comments.

She began her tirade against the actor as she said: “You should actually ask other people whether there is racism, not you.

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“I know its very hard you to be such a privileged white man,” Yasmin sarcastically swiped. “It’s a burden, I can see it’s a burden. You hate it being a Fox.

“But you should actually listen to some of us and look at the stuff I get. I’m even getting death threats because I’m a Muslim and a woman and an immigrant. Listen to us.”

Laurence listened to Yasmin’s point of view before Jeremy asked for his response.

The actor replied: “No, absolutely. I’ve also had a few death threats in my time.”

Yasmin wasn’t exactly pleased with Laurence’s response as she turned her back on her fellow guest.

However, keen to find some common ground, Jeremy asked Laurence: “Are you open enough to Yasmin’s view or the lady on Question Time?

But Laurence stood firm as he took issue with the language being bandied about during the debate.

“I think the language is in itself racist, to say you’re a white, privileged male, to reverse that and if I said you are a black, underprivileged woman, that is a racist thing to say.”

However, Yasmin hit back, stating it “isn”t” racist to use the phrase: “You can say black, underprivileged woman.”

So when Jeremy asked where the fierce disagreement lied, Laurence suggested there actually wasn’t any.

But Yasmin did not want to be seen siding with Laurence as she defiantly said: “No, I do disagree,

“I don’t agree with you at all following this monstrous moment [on Question Time]. Nothing.”

Yasmin then claimed watching Laurence launch his rant on Question Time was like watching the “Incredible Hulk” as his reaction was similar to that of a “monster”.

The criticism of Laurence didn’t stop there as Yasmin told Laurence they could “never be friends” because of his viewpoint.

“In fact, we can’t be mild acquaintances,” she added as she took aim at the actor.

However, while Laurence did defend his stance, he was joined by Iain who suggested he was “well within his rights” to hold his views.

Jeremy Vine continues weekdays on Channel 5 at 9:15am.

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