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Kirstie Allsopp launches epic tirade on 'hypocritical' celebs banging on about 'Covidiots'

“I’m no better though, I judge the hypocrites as harshly. I loath those that decry others from their pulpits then ‘accidentally’ break the rules, go all ‘mea culpa’, and then start again.”

After she was hit with some backlash from her followers, who condemned her reaction to the deadly coronavirus pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives all over the world, she admitted she too has broken laws in the past.

“Two wrongs won’t ever make a right, but there have always been laws designed to make things safer for us; laws related to drugs, drink, smoking & speeding,” Kirstie explained before noting we should all be “hesitant” before “mouthing off” at those who break the new tier restrictions.

“Laws that many people have broken, me included. Hesitating before mouthing off about “covidiots” would serve us all well,” she snapped.

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