Kim Jong-un warns of new China coronavirus threat in mysterious ‘dust’

The country’s leader, Kim Jong-un has instructed officials to stay alert in order to keep the coronavirus pandemic under control. He issued the alarming command in his first appearance in nearly a month.

Mr Kim urged North Koreans to stay clear from “non-socialist” actions.

Citizens were also warned by officials that a “yellow dust” from China could be bringing coronavirus into the country.

According to the BBC’s Disinformation Team, the Rodong Sinmun newspaper, a Government mouthpiece, stated: “All workers… must clearly recognise the danger of invading malicious viruses.”

Embassies reported receiving a similar notice regarding dust.

The Russian Embassy in Pyongyang said it and other embassies had been sent such warning regarding the dust storm.

The notice urges foreign citizens to remain at home and ensure their windows are insulated so no dust could enter on Thursday.

The news comes as Mr Kim gathered officials of the Worker’s Party in a policymaking meeting to discuss how the nation will continue to deal with the pandemic.

According to state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the North Korean ruler explained the party, military and economic experts how they will be getting involved in the country’s coronavirus response going ahead.

Ruth-Ann Monti, author of North Korea in 100 Facts, told “For Kim Jong-un, my best guess is that he’s just not well.

“He leads a seriously unhealthy lifestyle, like his father, and I would imagine is also pretty paranoid.

“He also drinks a lot of alcohol and eats high-fat food, especially cheese.”

Ms Monti compared Mr Kim with his father, Kim Jong-il, and their different attitudes toward the public sphere.

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