John Lewis advert – Dad’s pride as schoolgirl, 10, is ‘star of the show’ in Excitable Edgar Christmas ad


A PROUD dad has gushed how he is ten-year-old daughter is the “star of the show” in the new John Lewis Christmas advert.

The eagerly anticipated advert shows an exuberant young dragon called Edgar who almost derails festivities in his fire-breathing excitement.

Graham said he was ‘so proud’ of his ten-year-old daughter
Graham snapped this photo of his daughter on her away to the audition in London in August
Ruby appearing in the eagerly anticipated John Lewis 2019 Christmas advert
PA:Press Association

Graham Dailly, from Glasgow, said he was “so happy” about his daughter Ruby’s big moment on screen, where she stars as Ava, the best friend of Edgar, the accident-prone dragon.

He wrote on Facebook: “John Lewis 2019 Christmas advert. My wee Rubstar, star of the show. So proud and happy for her.”

In August Graham revealed how his daughter had gone for an audition in Glasgow and then been called back for the London audition where she “absolutely smashed it”.

He said: “I’m super proud of the wee rubstar and it’s a massive move for her trying to break into the acting world.”

The advert opens with Ava and her pal Excitable Edgar walking through their town
John Lewis

Excitable Edgar is set to a recording of REO Speedwagon’s Can’t Fight This Feeling by Dan Smith from Bastille, and was filmed over two weeks in Budapest with an extras cast of around 100 people.

It follows Edgar as his excitement about festivities in his village sees him accidentally melting the ice-rink, reducing a snowman to a puddle and setting fire to a Christmas tree as his anxious friend Ava (played by Ruby) looks on.

Edgar finally shuts himself away in despair, but Ava encourages him to rejoin the village with the gift of a Christmas pudding, which allows him to put his fire to perfect use.

The ad’s creators said they were struggling to come up with the “perfect ending” until the idea of involving Waitrose led to the Christmas pudding finale.

As in previous years, the ad encourages engagement with a good cause. This year it is food poverty charity FareShare, with “feasts” to be held in John Lewis shops and community venues ahead of Christmas.

A full range of Edgar merchandise is available, including a £15 cuddly toy, a Waitrose & Partners No.1 12 Months Matured Christmas Pudding for £8, as well as Waitrose Edgar cupcakes, ‘Chocolate Edgars’ and a £1.50 gingerbread biscuit.

John Lewis customer director Craig Inglis said: “It started from a spark of an idea – a little dragon’s excitement about Christmas – and became the story of how someone goes the extra mile for their best friend to give just the right gift.

“It’s a funny, heart-warming story that will resonate with our customers as they seek out the perfect gifts for their loved ones this Christmas.”

The advert will first air on TV during the X Factor on Saturday night.

Previous John Lewis Christmas campaigns have involved budgets of around £1 million on putting each ad together and another £6 million on placement.

It declined to comment on how much the ad had cost.

Edgar loves everything about Christmas but it has disastrous effects
John Lewis
Edgar can’t keep his fire under control
John Lewis
The town folk are angry with Edgar when he burns down the Christmas tree and decorations
John Lewis
The dragon locks himself away as he’s distraught he’s ruined the decorations
John Lewis
Ava doesn’t want her friend spending Christmas alone so arrives at his house with a gift
John Lewis
Edgar shows the crowd how he can light a Christmas pudding
John Lewis
The townspeople welcome Edgar and Ava into the feast, clapping at Edgars new trick
John Lewis
John Lewis viewers will be able to buy their own Excitable Edgar toy
John Lewis and Waitrose



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