Joe Biden to push for US-UK deal to keep France and Germany in check

David Frum, an author and Republican speechwriter, explained the US always wanted the UK to have close ties to the rest of Europe so they could further US interests. Despite US powers being generally opposed to Brexit with the exception of Donald Trump, Mr Frum says “it’s water under the bridge” and says the US and Joe Biden care very deeply about the UK. He also signalled Mr Biden may seek to strike an agreement with the UK quickly to ensure the country maintains some levels of influence against France and Germany being “too status.”

Channel 4 News host Matt Frei questioned whether President Biden may oppose Britain’s attempts to distance itself further from the bloc: “The new administration won’t like it if London distances itself unnecessarily more from Brussels?”

The American commentator said: “America since President Eisenhower wanted Britain to have a close relationship with the continent because first, it improves the British economy.”

“Second, it prevents the French and Germans from being too status because Britain raises a powerful voice on behalf of free-trade interest inside the EU.

“And finally Britain inside the EU always discouraged the EU to try and compete with NATO over the defence business.

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“But that’s water under the bridge, and the choice has been made, and the choice has to be made successful.”

The Channel 4 presenter also asked: “Should Biden care about the UK-US special relationship and should we (UK) stop caring?”

Mr Frum replied: “Does he care about Britain? Of course, everyone in the American national security system cares a great deal about Britain.

“I don’t think its any secret that Joe Biden like just about everyone in a position of responsibility in the US, except for Donald Trump, thought that Brexit was an unwise choice.

“The choice having been made is going to be an important American economic and national security interest.”

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Mr Frum was flippant and said: “President Trump actually accomplished astonishingly little in the form of legislation.

“Legislation is difficult to change, executive orders are not.

“The hardest thing to change will be this. The US has inspired its adversaries with contempt and its friends with alarm.

“You have seen a presidency for sale for the highest bidder and reassuring partners and adversaries that this was a passing event and things are back normal that is going be hard.

“Because the fact we did it once raises the question might you do it again. 

“That will be a top priority for Biden, to try and persuade the world the America they knew and trusted was back.”

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