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Jodie Foster fears she hit her 'peak' with Silence of the Lambs: 'It's a tough one to top'

Jodie Foster, 58, has long been a pinnacle of the Hollywood acting scene, with multiple awards for her work both on-screen and behind the camera as director and producer to her name. This year marks the 30th anniversary psychological horror The Silence of the Lambs, where she starred as young FBI trainee Clarice Starling, but the actress wondered whether the movie will always be the “peak” of her career. The film, based on the 1988 novel by Thomas Harris, first premiered in 1991 and grossed $272.7million at box office.

Foster’s character seeks help from Hannibal Lecter (Sir Anthony Hopkins), a psychopathic serial killer and former psychiatrist, in order to apprehend another serial killer who was targeting women.

She revealed she’d been planning a celebration with her co-star, for the film was “a tough one to top”.

“Where did the time go?” she exclaimed in a recent interview.

“I’ve been doing a few things to celebrate with Tony.

“We both have this feeling of sharing this extraordinary moment where we were both at our best.”

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She added: “Sometimes I think, ‘Oh my gosh. I hope that’s not the last time I will be at my peak.’

“It’s a tough one to top,” the star told Radio Times.

Director Jonathan Demme originally snubbed Foster for the role, despite her immediate interest after reading the novel.

He wasn’t convinced she was the right fit after she won an Academy Award for her performance in 1988’s The Accused, and instead approached his first choice, Michelle Pfeiffer.

But the Catwoman star turned it down, saying: “It was a difficult decision, but I got nervous about the subject matter.”

Hopkins admitted that when he first read the script for Silence of the Lambs, he thought it was a children’s film – but he couldn’t have been more wrong.

“I was in London in 1989, doing a play called M. Butterfly,” he told Foster.

“My agent sent a script and said, ‘Why don’t you read this? It’s called Silence of the Lambs.’

“I said, ‘Is it a children’s story?’ It was a hot summer afternoon, and the script came over and I started reading it.

“After 10 pages, I phoned my agent. I said, ‘Is this a real offer? I want to know. This is the best part I’ve ever read.'”

He explained that Demme came to his house to discuss the part where Hopkins accepted enthusiastically.

“He [Demme] was such a wonderful guy to work with,” the famed actor explained.

“I couldn’t believe my luck, and I was scared to speak to you,” he told Foster.

“I thought, ‘She just won an Oscar!'”

Jodie’s full interview is available to read now in Radio Times.

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