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Jasmine Harman: A Place In The Sun presenter slept on brother's sofa after giving up flat

A Place In The Sun presenter Jasmine Harman gave up her flat and was forced to stay with a relative shortly after she landed the job hosting the house-hunting programme. The TV star opened up about her first appearance on the long-running property show, which has been on television screens for 21 years next month.

When asked about her memories from that time, Jasmine, 44, revealed that she had woken up in a bad way on her very first day and had to visit a local osteopath after sleeping on her brother’s settee.

Despite that initial day of discomfort, the mum-of-two has lots of fond memories of those early days as that is when she met her husband Jon Boast, who was a cameraman on the show.

The couple now have two children Joy, six, and Albion, four, and she continues to present the popular programme.

“My first show other than the pilot was filmed in Portugal,” Jasmine recalled in a recent interview.

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The Channel 4 star said the fact that she had previously lived in the country was an immense help when filming those first episodes.

“I felt very confident about helping my house-hunters who were looking to buy in the Alentejo, as I knew what life in Portugal was like, spoke the language and it really helped start me off on the right foot being on familiar territory,” she said.

Revealing another family connection on the programme, Jasmine said: “Our soundman at the time was Antonio, who became a great friend and is my son’s godfather.

“We all became like family as we were on location together for so long!”

A Place in the Sun continues tonight at 3pm on Channel 4.

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