'It's fish UK boats could be catching!' EU is plundering UK waters, says Cornish fisherman

A fisherman from Cornwall has said the UK should seize the opportunity of Brexit. Speaking to the BBC, Cornish fishermen claimed the current fishing arrangements were unfair for UK boats post-Brexit. Fisherman James admitted that the fishing industry makes up a small margin of the UK economy but claimed this could be changed if the UK realised the opportunity available. 

He said: “The state of fishing at the minute is a bit uncertain with everything going on with Brexit and the politics of it all.

“But the actual fishing itself, regarding stocks and stuff seems to be pretty good.”

The narrator added: “As an ardent Brexiteer, James voted for it in the belief that it could transform the fishing industry for his generation.

“Currently 700,000 tonnes of fish are caught each year by EU boats in UK waters.” 

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James continued: “Fishing doesn’t contribute a huge amount to the economy at the minute, it contributes, but not a massive amount.

“The fish is just being taken across the Channel, it is fish that the British boats could be catching.

“It is ultimately more money that the country could be bringing in.

“The potential is really there it just needs to be seen and appreciated I think.” 

James concluded: “It isn’t right and is not fair, it is if you are French.

“But it certainly isn’t fair if you are British or Cornish.

“Unfortunately that is what it has been like.

More to follow… 

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