Inside Ryan Thomas & Lucy Mecklenburgh’s relationship & how his ‘man-child moods cause tension as he’s no longer no 1′


Inside Ryan Thomas & Lucy Mecklenburgh’s relationship & how his ‘man-child moods cause tension as he’s no longer no 1′

WHEN we watched Ryan Thomas and Lucy Mecklenburgh’s relationship blossom on Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls back in 2017, it seemed like a match

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WHEN we watched Ryan Thomas and Lucy Mecklenburgh’s relationship blossom on Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls back in 2017, it seemed like a match made in heaven. 

He was the cheeky chappy from Corrie and she was the stunner from TOWIE who’d always seemed unlucky in love. 

Lucy and Ryan have been dating since 2017

But now, four years later, after having a baby just before lockdown and with wedding plans ‘on the back burner’, the duo have admitted to ‘rows’, ‘resentment’ and a romance which is feeling the strain. 

So what’s changed?

“Like everyone, lockdown has been tough on Lucy and Ryan but having Roman put a lot into perspective,” a pal tells Fabulous.

Lucy and Ryan welcomed their son Roman on 12 March 2020. 


Lucy and Ryan had son Roman in March 2020[/caption]


Lucy and Ryan with son Roman and his daughter Scarlett[/caption]


Pals say Lucy’s priorities have changes now she’s a mum[/caption]

“Becoming a parent has changed Lucy more than it has Ryan as it’s not his first baby. She no longer prioritises some of the things that seemed important before like going out and sorting holidays. 

“Roman now comes first, not Ryan and not their social life.”

Ryan, 36, has openly admitted he loves being a dad but misses when their relationship was ‘just them’. 

Speaking on his podcast Mancs on the Mic, the former Corrie favourite complained: “Being a parent is testing, but do you know what I miss the most? I miss just me and Lucy.

Ryan has admitted to missing the ‘old Lucy’

“I don’t actually want to be single anymore because I really love my relationship, but we don’t get any time.

“I was talking to my mate about this the other day and he said: ‘When you go out with Lucy, do you enjoy it?’ and I actually really still enjoy it.

I want the old Lucy back sometimes’, it’s not that she’s not there – it’s just I’m not the main priority any mo

Ryan Thomas36

“When it’s me and her, I really enjoy being in her company and we laugh and we joke – but we just don’t get time to do that any more.”

Ryan continued: “I always say to her: ‘I want the old Lucy back sometimes’, it’s not that she’s not there – it’s just I’m not the main priority any more.

“Roman comes first. I just miss that.” 

PA:Press Association

Ryan and Lucy have had to give up their glam date nights during lockdown and since becoming parents[/caption]

But while Ryan might be longing for that ‘happy-go-lucky’ Lucy, pals say he’s trying hard to let it go and embrace the ‘new Lucy’ instead of living in the past. 

“Ryan is desperate not to make the same mistakes he made in previous relationships,” our source adds. 

“He adores Lucy and Roman but can be a bit of a man-child and it creates tensions. He’s not getting the attention that he once did due to not being her number one.

“Ryan has been great at looking after Lucy since she had Roman but she is forthright and doesn’t take any crap.”  


Lucy’s priority is now Roman not Ryan[/caption]

Before getting together with Lucy, Ryan famously dated fellow Coronation Street star Tina O’Brian, 37, for six years. Things ended bitterly just weeks before their daughter Scarlett’s first birthday. 

Tina admitted she was “absolutely devastated” and claimed Ryan said he “didn’t want the responsibility of a relationship” with her. 

She added: “Ryan can be a very loving and nice guy, but he can also be laddy. He was keen to go out a lot.”


Ryan has a very close relationship with daughter Scarlett despite his relationship with Tina O’Brian ending bitterly[/caption]

Thankfully, Lucy, 29, and Ryan have made it through the first year as new parents but pals say their relationship has had to change. 

“When they first got together Lucy adored Ryan – she made him feel worshiped and he liked that. 

“They loved going out and she used to pander to him but she doesn’t anymore, she has a baby to tend to, and doesn’t need another one.

“Like with so many couples, a year in lockdown is a long time and it’s been a great equaliser but it’s also created a lot of domestic issues that would not have been the case otherwise.”


Lucy and Ryan have struggled through the sleepless nights and it’s caused tensions[/caption]

Lucy has spoken openly about how she ‘resented’ Ryan for getting more sleep than her as she tended to Roman during the nights.

Ryan has also admitted it’s caused rows between the pair because he likes to take naps as his ‘me time’ and Lucy’s often left holding the baby.

“Sleep is always a bone of contention between them,” the pal adds.

“Lucy has always known that she would be the primary caregiver but it’s not easy.

“Ryan has had another baby so knows what it’s like and didn’t stick around so it’s a balancing act for Lucy, she is a great mum but also wants to be a great partner too.


Pals say Lucy isn’t ruling out baby number two with Ryan[/caption]

“Ryan is a party boy, always has been and always will be. He loves a drink and he loves to party late into the night so lockdown has made him a bit of a caged animal at times. 

“Lucy, on the other hand, has embraced home life and enjoyed spending time as a family and as a new mum with no distractions.” 

In order to have a break from the monotony of lockdown Ryan’s been escaping the house when he can and turns his hand to anything. 

As well as taking Roman on walks and embracing Daddy duties he also likes to escape in the evening too. 

Recently he’s been documenting long walks in the middle of the night on Instagram and even tried his hand at being a delivery driver. 

One evening he popped into his brother’s restaurant The Spinn to grab a burger but ended up spending the night delivering takeaways in his Rolls Royce.  

Lucy and Ryan have enjoyed some quality family time over this past year

“Everyone needs space – especially since we’ve all been cooped up for so long and Ryan and Lucy are no different,” our source adds. 

“Yes there’s been a few rows but they’ve also had some really special moments as a family too.” 

In fact, while Ryan has been very vocal that he doesn’t want more kids, Lucy hasn’t given up hope that Roman will have a sibling. 

“She is a very independent woman and sees everything as a negotiation. He might not want more kids but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen at the end of the day, she wears the trousers.”


Lucy and Ryan looking loved up and lean when they first got together[/caption]

As for their wedding plans, it’s just not on top of their to-do list right now. 

Speaking to OK! Lucy said: “It’s definitely on the back burner. It’s been a tough year for everyone and with us having a baby, it’s definitely not a focus. We just don’t know how long it’s going to be until the world feels a little bit more normal.”

She added: “We’re going to wait until everything calms down and we’ll start planning. It’s something exciting to look forward to.”

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