Indian Restaurant In US Gets Generous $2,020 Tip From Patron. See Viral Post

The huge tip may have been part of the 2020 tipping challenge.


  • A group of customers left a huge tip for an Indian restaurant in Florida
  • The tip amounted to $2,020 or Rs. 1.48 lakh
  • The post about the tip went viral on Facebook

The restaurant business has changed dramatically from the way we used to know it. Customers are preferring to order in food, rather than venture out to eat. Thus, many eateries across the world are witnessing lowered footfall and a loss of revenue. Regular customers and loyal fans are trying their best to do their bit for the restaurants they love. An Indian restaurant based in Florida, USA, is the latest one to receive a whopping tip of $2,020 from a generous patron. The post about the tip has gone viral on Facebook. Take a look:

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The post was shared on Facebook by Masala Mantra, an Indian bistro, which is popular for serving delicious food in the Cape Coral area of Florida. The picture they shared from the handle was of the invoice of the tip. The total of the order came out to be $269.51 and the additional tip by the customers was worth $2020 or about Rs. 1.48 lakh. This is also part of a 2020 ‘Tip Challenge’ which started a year ago to encourage tipping to help out restaurants in distress. 


The restaurant praised the group of customers for their incredible act of kindness in the year 2020. “This year has been hard for every restaurant including ours but this act of kindness made our year. We are grateful for all our patrons support – in this difficult year they bought a lot of cheers and light to our little server community,” read the caption to the post.


Interestingly, this is not the first incident of customers extending financial help to their favourite restaurants. Recently, a Pennsylvania-based Italian restaurant had shared the story about how a regular customer left a tip of $5,000 to help the eatery cope with the losses suffered during the pandemic.

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