‘I’m handing you back control’ Boris tears into SNP’s Blackford during fiery Common clash


Boris Johnson hit back at Ian Blackford after the SNP’s Westminster leader claimed the UK had “shafted” Scotland in his Brexit deal. The Parliament is sitting today in an extraordinary historic session as the Prime Minister seeks to pass his Brexit deal. The Prime Minister is trying to convince MPs to support the agreement he secured with the EU, ahead of what is expected to be a knife-edge vote in the Commons.

Mr Johnson delivered a passionate plea for MPs to “get Brexit done,” pointing out that his deal that can help “heal the country”.

During the opening remarks in the Commons, Mr Blackford attacked the Government’s agreement struck with the EU.

He said the current deal is “actually worse” than Theresa May’s previous withdrawal agreement, and it would leave Scotland “shafted”.

The Scottish politician accused the Prime Minister of treating Scotland with contempt.

The SNP MP urged the Government to give Scotland the same agreements that had been handed to Northern Ireland by the deal.

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Mr Blackford explained: “Scotland’s views and interests totally disregarded by this country’s Prime Minister.

“He and his cronies don’t care about Scotland, they have let Scotland down, and they sold us out.

“Scotland is being treated like a second-class nation by this Government.”

In a bizarre move, the Conservative leader began his reply by congratulating the England rugby team for their victory over Australia in the World Cup quarter-final.

Addressing MPs during his statement earlier, the Prime Minister urged MPs to reconcile their interests and “achieve resolution”.

He told the House of Commons: “The House will need no reminding that this is the second deal and the fourth vote, three-and-a-half years after the nation voted for Brexit.

“And during those years friendships have been strained, families divided and the attention of this House consumed by a single issue that has at times felt incapable of resolution.”

Later today, MPs will debate a proposal that could delay Brexit again until all the necessary UK legislation is passed.

Commons Speaker John Bercow selected the Letwin amendment that, if passed, would require the PM to ask for a further extension to the Brexit process by the end of Saturday.


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