How To Make Spicy Tomato-Garlic Chutney Or Lehsun Ki Chutney (Instant Recipe Inside)


  • Garlic is also known as lehsun in Hindi
  • Garlic is replete with health benefits
  • Combination of tomatoes and garlic is a winner

A hint of garlic can amp up just about any dish with its sharpness; this is why we are always looking for excuses to sneak in garlic wherever we can. Curries, rice, soups, stews, you name it. So many of our traditional accompaniments also have a garlicky version – you may have heard of lehsun ka achaar or lehsun ki chutney. You would be surprised to know that the latter is actually quite easy to put together. Unlike achaar, chutneys do not take that long to make, which is what makes them ideal for those quick, odd-time cravings.

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The best part about this chutney is that it uses easily available ingredients like tomatoes, mustard seeds, garlic and red chilli powder. You can, of course, rule out the ingredients that you do not like and give it your own spin. This chutney may give you a bit of South Indian flavour, the boldness of mustard seeds, and curry leaves lend an added charm to this super tangy chutney.


Garlic has a strong pungent kick 

We have to admit that we cannot impress everybody on the dining table. No matter how hard we try, there would be someone who is not too kicked about the curry or finds the rice too mushy etc. A blob of fresh, home-made chutney comes in super handy in these times, it goes with everything and adds that extra edge to your meal. By making your chutneys at home you can actually ensure the quality of ingredients used and also customize it as per your palate.


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Both garlic and tomatoes are replete with immunity-boosting properties and antioxidants that are known to do benefits for our overall health, skin and hair. Therefore, including it in your diet is an excellent idea, and if the end result is so good – you don’t mind eating healthy after all, do you?

So, what are you waiting for, here’s a spicy garlic chutney recipe (click here) that is sure to make you look forward to ‘meal-time’ every day now.



Both tomato and garlic work wonders for your skin
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Take out the chutney and pair with roti, naan or rice. You can also use this as a sandwich spread.  Try the chutney at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.

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