How much does the cast of Floribama shore make?


How much does the cast of Floribama shore make?

Floribama Shore reality TV from the shores of New Jersey to the sunshine state of Florida. First premiering back in November of 2017 on MTV, The

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Floribama Shore reality TV from the shores of New Jersey to the sunshine state of Florida.

First premiering back in November of 2017 on MTV, The ‘Jersey Shore‘ spin-off Floribama Shore follows eight young adults on their summer filled with romance, bromance, and drama.



Living in the sunshine state does not come cheap, here is how much the cast members makes for their fun-filled summer vacation.

Kirk Medas: $30,000



The Atlanta native, who describes himself as an actor, entrepreneur, and music and sports enthusiast, is just as famous on the show as he is with the law, having multiple encounters, including being arrested for disorderly conduct back in May 2020.

Despite this, he has a degree from Kennesaw State University in sports law as well as a clothing shop Shop Kirk Medas, that puts his net worth as of 2021 at an estimated $30,000.

Candace Rice: $30,000



The fashion model turned actress, was also a television host and interviewer before being cast on the reality show. Along with the show, Candace owns Yaagnix, a natural and handcrafted skin, and body care product line.

Following her co-star Kirk, Candace’s success has led her to an estimated $30,000 net worth.

Aimee Hall: $50,000


Aimee Hall,– Floribama Shore Cast Photos, **TAKEN WITHOUT PERMISSION**, Kirk Medas, Candace Rice, Aimee Hall, Gus Smyrnios, Jeremiah Buoni, Codi Butts, Kortni Gilson, and Nilsa Prowant. ,[/caption]

The Alabama native went from bartending in Bay Minette to becoming a successful actress, social media influencer and model. Known for modeling for brands such as Tropic House Swim and BooHoo Clothing, Aimee also makes a living by selling her gently used clothes to fans on the popular clothing app PoshMark.

Between the show, modeling career, and selling of used clothing, Aimee has been able to build a net worth of an estimated $50,000.

Gus Smyrnios: $100,000



Arguably known as the shows ‘bad boy,’ Gus is no stranger to getting into fights with fellow cast members, earlier this year getting into a heated argument with pregnant co-star Nilsa Prowant, about cheating allegations.

Despite his reputation on the show, Gus has done well for himself. Along with the show, Gus is a personal trainer as well as a brand ambassador for Fit Strong Supplements. He is also a model, most famously for romance book covers such as ‘Strip Me Bare’ and ‘Destroying the Biker’ and while it was only estimated that he made $20,000 from season four of the show, he has also been a contestant on ‘The Challenge: War of the Worlds’, putting his estimated net-worth at $100,000.

Jeremiah Buoni: $100,000



Along with fellow co-star Gus, Jeremiah is also a brand ambassador for Fit Strong Supplements and an avid fitness enthusiast. Jeremiah also gets income from being a bartender on Amelia Island which has helped him join Gus with an estimated net worth of $100,000.

Codi Butts: $100,000



In another life, the South Carolina native, Codi worked as a basketball coach and referee for Seneca Recreation along with joins his co-stars in the bartending world, working at The Spot. Along with his appearence in the show, Codi has been able to build an estimated net-worth of $100,000.

Kortni Gilson: $200,000



Joining Codi, Aimee and Jeremiah, Kortni also started out bartending at the infamous bar Coyote Ugly. After her appearance on the show, Kortni rose to fame and now uses her platform for the promotion of partnerships as well as being a mental health advocate, talking about personal experiences with anxiety and depression. Along with being a model, Kortni has been able to rack up the show’s second highest net worth at $200,000.

Nilsa Prowant: $350,000



Shocking the world with her pregnancy announcement at the beginning of season four, Nilsa does a lot more than just acting. Outside of the show, she is the owner of an online boutique called Shop Nilsa Prowant, as well as being a model, photographer and make-up artist.

Nilsa also has a very large social media platform, including an active YouTube channel and Instagram account where she promotes brands, including the popular clothing site Fashion Nova.

Between the estimated $100,000 annually from the show, and all of the other side hustles Nilsa has, it’s no wonder she rakes in an estimated net worth of $350,000, the highest of any of her cast members.