High Protein Dosa: How To Make Egg Dosa Or Mutta Dosai


  • Dosa is a South Indian dish
  • Dosa can be made in a multiple ways
  • Mutta Dosai is a super simple recipe you should try today

There are only a few things as satisfying as a well-made dosa. Dosa, as we all know, is our very own crepe-like dish that is made on a hot skillet and traditionally served with a portion of sambar or chutney. Dosas can be of many kinds; crispy, small, long, stuffed, plain. If your dosa can be so many of these things, why do you want to stick to the usual fare? Mutta Dosai is a popular street food of South India. Mutta is another word for eggs. This dosa is not only one of the most flavourful breakfasts you can cook yourself, it is also a treasure of protein.

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Eggs are touted to be one of the best sources of protein. It is very easy for our body to assimilate protein from eggs; this is why nutritionists are quick to recommend eggs for almost all weight loss diet. Protein plays a key role in building muscles, and the more muscles you have, the lesser room there is for fat to accumulate. Additionally, protein also helps induce the feeling of satiety, which prevents you from over-eating or unnecessary snacking. Eating in controlled portions is a very crucial factor in a sustainable weight loss diet.


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Mutta Dosai is one of the easiest and quickest breakfast recipes that we are currently obsessing over. All you need to do is prepare dosa  batter in advance. Here’s a recipe ofdosa batter. If you do not have so much time at hand, you can also make do with our instant dosa batter recipe.

All the other ingredients are fairly common and easily available in every Indian kitchen. You would also need a hot tawa, greased well. You do not want the eggs or the dosa to stick to your skillet and end up with a  scrambled dosa, do you?


Eggs are an excellent source of protein
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Mutt Dosai or egg dosa can be made with just eggs and pepper, but we have also used onions and a bit of hot sauce to jazz it up a bit. It is completely optional.

Here’s a step-by-step recipe of Mutta Dosai or egg dosa for your high protein breakfast. Try it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.

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