Great British Bake Off's Peter speaks out after Noel Fielding brands him an 'assassin'

The Great British Bake Off brings in a huge variety of contestants of all different ages. And at just 20-years-old, Peter Sawkins is the youngest contestant on the 2020 series, something judge Noel Fielding has been seen to bring attention to on more than one occasion.

But it’s a description Peter can relate to.

Branding him the “baby-faced assassin”, the 20-year-old admitted he “quite likes” the fun-filled nickname.

In recent interview, he laughed: “I love [being called the baby-faced assassin]!

“I wouldn’t have ever named myself that, but I quite like it.”

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But despite being likened to a contracted killer (of cakes, obviously) the student humbly explained he was rooting for all his fellow bakers.

“I always wanted my friends in the tent to do well, but at the same time I am competitive and always wanted to put in my best performance,” he said.

“I also tried to be as calm and collected in the tent as I possibly could… so maybe that’s a bit like being an assassin!”

Peter has been baking since he can remember, and hasn’t missed a series of the hit Channel 4 show since he was 12.

“The whole experience is so hard to describe if you weren’t there,” he laughed.

“It was just like the most fun, most bizarre holiday camp of all time.

“It was an intense environment with everyone at close quarters, but we all got on so well and we’re still in touch.

“I’m very much looking forward to a time when we can all get together again in person.”

One person he has particularly gelled with is fellow finalist Hermine.

The 39-year-old revealed they had a little code which they used as a “pick-me-up” for when they got stressed in their kitchen spaces, telling the same publication: “We could share our fears, frustrations, joy and sadness. Peter’s practice kitchen was opposite mine and when he shouted, ‘Hermine!’, I’d reply ‘Energy!’

“It was our little pick-me-up code and it was hilarious!” she smiled.

Peter and Hermine’s interviews are available to read now in Radio Times.

Great British Bake Off continues tonight at 8pm on Channel 4.

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