Great British Bake Off star Dave addresses returning to security guard job after show end

While Great British Bake Off is underway, the question has to be asked: do the contestants see a future in baking after the show concludes? With the final set to take place next week where the four bakers left in the competition battle it out to take home the prestigious title, security guard Dave Friday has revealed he plans on heading back to his former job but won’t rule out a career as a chef any time soon.

Speaking a recent interview, Dave spoke of his future goals now his baby son is in the picture: “I’m planning to return after my paternity leave – I’m looking forward to seeing all my customers again now they know what I’ve been up to,” he smiled.

“But I have a keen interest in chocolate sculpting and pâtisserie and it would be a dream to pursue a career in baking one day.”

During the coronavirus lockdown, Dave revealed he was one of the millions of UK residents that were furloughed, but it wasn’t too bad as he spent the time wisely.

“I practised most days – thank goodness I was on furlough!” he said of his preparations for the show.

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“There were so many different baking styles, techniques and jargon I hadn’t heard of, so I felt I needed to start from scratch. It was such a learning curve, but I really enjoyed that part of the journey – little did I know how long the journey would last!”

Dave and his girlfriend Stacey welcomed their son Ronnie during the first lockdown, and the 30-year-old admitted he had to take a step back from baking.

“It has been tough trying to find the time,” he told Radio Times.

“Stacey and Ronnie went through a lot at the beginning, so I needed to be around for them.”

In 80s week, the judges awarded her Star Baker for making an ice cream cake that stood the test of time and it was pretty well deserved.

But it wasn’t the ice cream that was melting, it was the fans – when Hermine’s son Stephen, ran onto the screen to tell her he was proud of her.

After the moving moment, she posted a sweet sentiment to her 13,000 Instagram followers: “It was so lovely hearing him say he was proud of me.”

Describing how her experience has and will affect her future, she revealed what she had learnt by working under pressure with a group of strangers she can now call friends.

“Beyond the obvious improvement in my baking skills, it was a journey of friendship where I was challenged to face my fears, to dare, to think on my feet and outside the box,” she said.

“Through that journey, I took along my little boy and hope I have inspired him to reach for what he wants in life, knowing that anything is possible and, if he puts in the hard work, it will pay off.”

Dave and Hermine’s interviews are available to read now in Radio Times.

Great British Bake Off continues tonight at 8pm on Channel 4.

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