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Grass cutting: When is the perfect time to cut your grass after winter?

Cutting the grass regularly is crucial to keeping your garden looking tidy and healthy. However during the winter months not only is cutting the grass difficult, but you can damage the soil if you cut it at the wrong time.

If your garden is frosted over or the ground is soft you can damage the turf.

So, many gardeners put a pause on cutting the grass during the coldest months of the year.

Grass is actually one of the plants which starts growing earliest, and so to avoid an overrun lawn you may want to start cutting sooner rather than later.

But when exactly should you cut your grass after winter?

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As the months of October and November roll around mowing will slow down, and advises you raise the mowing height to high.

Once the cold weather sits in, stopping mowing is best however don’t mow on a frosty lawn or if frost is due within 24 hours of mowing.

You can also maintain the borders of your lawn with a strimmer, half-moon edging tools or edging shears before you mow.

There are plenty of other things to do to keep your garden in top condition, check out the five tips below.

How to keep your garden in tip-top condition

1. Weed frequently

2. Thatch or rake your grass frequently to prevent the build-up of leaves and dead grass

3. Improve the drainage, you can aerate the soil or change the type of soil

4. Mow regularly

5. Use a lawn feeder and in the hottest months water your grass

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