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Gordon Ramsey's Bank Balance: How does Gordon Ramsey's new game show work?

“We started to think how to make it more scientific because balancing those bars is one thing but going against the clock makes a complete difference and this incredible pyramid is on this pin and it’s all about the zones and if you get the right zones, you have to stack accordingly and so as everything builds out, you start tiny and then you start looking at the actual halfway size and then you go up to 75 percent then all of a sudden you’ve built this bloody thing and its like ‘this is mega, holy cr*p, I’ve made it for real.”

There are nine episodes in Gordon Ramsey’s Bank Balance, which will air every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on BBC One at 9pm.

You can watch episodes as they air live on BBC One or you can stream episodes live via the BBC iPlayer.

If you happen to miss an episode of Gordon Ramsey’s Bank Balance, each instalment will be available to stream and download via the BBC iPlayer after it has finished airing on BBC One.

The BBC iPlayer also has a download option which means you can watch episodes of Bank Balance offline via the BBC iPlayer app.

Gordon Ramsey’s Bank Balance starts tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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