'Get on with life!' Rejoiners crushed as expert warns NO chance of return to Brexit deal

Former civil servant Sir Ivan Rogers argued that some Rejoiners and industry experts have argued the UK should look at reopening the Brexit trade talks with the EU in 2021. While speaking on the EU UK forum Youtube channel with Peter Foster of the Financial Times, he insisted Britons needed to get on with the future. He noted that due to instability or difficulties following Brexit, some have lobbied for new negotiations.

He insisted there was little appetite for this on both sides and they should deal with the shock of Brexit as best as possible.

Sir Ivan said: “We are seeing it surface all over the place now.

“This expectation of ‘no, they couldn’t have really wanted that.

“‘They can’t have really realised this was the true implication for our sector.

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“‘So if we go lobby them now and demonstrate to them what is happening on the ground as a consequence of the Brexit deal they must want rejig it and reopen the negotiations in 2021.’

“I suppose in shorthand my advice is, don’t believe it guys, we are where we are.”

Sir Ivan reiterated why he felt it was unlikely for Britain or the EU to reopen Brexit negotiations.

He said: “There isn’t a new negotiation to be had, there isn’t appetite on either side to reopen it.

“I have regularly made the criticism of the Theresa May Government and the Boris Johnson Government over recent years so this is nothing new.

“The criticism of not really being straight with the public about what the implications of the choice were.

“I thought from day one, if not before, that if we left we would leave the single market and the customs union.

“That is quite a major supply shock to the UK economy.

“It is a major economic regime change of the sort that we haven’t been through in at least half a century.”

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