Furlough: Know your employment and redundancy rights as tribunals to hit 500,000 by spring

“LegalShield’s own survey found that a stunning 80 percent of Brits have very little knowledge of their employment rights.

“This knowledge gap, coupled with the ongoing disruption caused by the Coronavirus, has left many people in a precarious situation and unsure of the proper course to take or where to seek guidance.”

Fortunately, Mike went on to address common furlough, redundancy and employment issues and provide guidance on what can be done with these difficult situations.

If I lose my job when the furlough scheme ends, am I still entitled to a redundancy package?

While this problem will be worrying for many, it has a surprisingly straightforward answer, as Mike answered with a single word: “Yes.”

He continued to explain how this will work in practice: “If you have been on furlough during the pandemic, you have the same redundancy rights including redundancy pay.

“The amount however depends on what contract you are on and whether you have been working on the Flex Furlough Scheme.

“If you are on furlough and being paid less than usual, your redundancy pay is based on what you would have earned in typical circumstances.

“If your pay has been different each week, the weekly pay must be worked out by using the 12 weeks leading up to the day you got your redundancy notice – pay must be topped up to 100 percent for any hours were furloughed.”

Mike went on to address some of the technicalities associated with redundancy.

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