From penis turrets to the creepy brides: These are some of the best wedding cake disasters of all time

From penis turrets to the creepy brides: These are some of the best wedding cake disasters of all time

CUTTING the wedding cake is a highly-anticipated part of a wedding for many guests.

But spare a thought for these newlyweds who have had to deal with the embarrassment of these baking disasters.

Cake Wrecks

This rather phallic-looking cake looks like it is about to tip over[/caption]

Some of the cakes have clearly been themed on the bride and groom, like the couple who are firing guns at each other.

Meanwhile others are just downright creepy, like the life-sized bride in a full wedding dress.

And imagine the shock of the guests who saw the camouflaged-coloured cake that looks like it’s gone mouldy.

Here are some of the most worst wedding cakes to have made it to the top table on the big day…

Dolly gosh

Cake Wrecks

There’s nothing creepy about this life-size cake that resembles the bride[/caption]

Dark beginnings

Cake Wrecks

Black may not be your traditional wedding colour, but at least they’ve tried to decorate it with silver balls[/caption]

Falling in love?

Cake Wrecks

The pink and white delight may topple over during the ceremony[/caption]


Cake Wrecks

A bride was clearly going for a fairytale look for her cake, but ended up with a very childish creation[/caption]

Gone off the idea?

Cake Wrecks

This camouflaged-coloured cake looks like it has gone mouldy[/caption]

Aisle be damned

Cake Wrecks

Instead of being romantic, this cake looks extremely disturbing[/caption]


Cake Wrecks

This Cinderella-themed cake looks like the princess is horrified[/caption]

Write move?

Cake Wrecks

Perhaps the cake-maker should check their spelling before committing to the decoration[/caption]

Say yes to the mess

Cake Wrecks

The bride and groom were clearly going for a nature theme, but it ended up looking like it was done by a kid[/caption]

Bride and gloom

Cake Wrecks

This comical cake may have missed the mark when it came to the theme of love[/caption]

Child’s play

Cake Wrecks

Cupcakes can be a nice idea, but these looked extremely budget[/caption]

Totting up

Cake Wrecks

Nothing screams romance than your wailing child next to you on your bed[/caption]

Grave words

Cake Wrecks

This black cake had rather a dark theme for a wedding[/caption]

Could have foiled us

Cake Wrecks

You might want to remove the kitchen foil before serving your dream cake[/caption]

Feeling blue

Cake Wrecks

They say you should have something blue at your wedding, but perhaps this cake should have been the exception[/caption]

Meanwhile, we shared royal wedding cakes through the ages, from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s lemon and elderflower sponge to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s eight-tier fruitcake.

And this is the disturbing reason why newlyweds cut their wedding cake in front of their guests.



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