Emmerdale fans stunned as Liv goes on the run with Robert and Aaron as they plan to flee the UK


EMMERDALE viewers got a shock tonight as Liv turned up and appeared to join Robert and Aaron’s plan to flee the country.

The pair are on the run to avoid murder charges after rapist Lee died – and fans are delighted that the youngest was joining the attempt.

One wrote: “Liv is so loyal, that’s what I love about the character 🙌🏻.”

Another posted: “Liv will always be part of the Rolivion family 💔💔💔🖤🖤🖤

Robon, who are played by actors Ryan Hawley and Danny Miller, were hiding in a safe house after being forced to leave the village so Robert wouldn’t be arrested and charged with murder when Lee died in hospital.

But after getting spooked by police sirens, Robron realise they need to go one further and flee the country.

Robert calls Mandy on a burner phone and she offers to get them some fake IDs.

She asks Liv to get their documents so she can pass them on to a criminal pal.

But when Mandy is on her way to deliver the fake passports, Liv sneaks in the car to the safe house.

She tells Aaron she won’t leave her brother’s side – scuppering their plans to escape.

There were emotional scenes on Emmerdale when Robert and Aaron fled the village

And viewers rushed to Twitter to beg ‘selfish’ Liv to stand aside.

Earlier this week, listening in to Lee’s mum talking to the doctor, Victoria overheard that her rapist had died.

The doctor said: “I’m afraid Lee has suffered a very traumatic bleed on the brain.

“Despite our best efforts to save him I’m afraid your son died before we could get him to surgery.”


Rapist Lee died from his head injuries inflicted on him by Robert[/caption]

Realising what this meant for her brother, who had already plead guilty for the assault on Lee, Victoria went to Robert to warn him.

“It’s Lee, he died Robert,” she said. “I saw him at the hospital, he was having a fit and I heard one of the doctors talking about a bleed on his brain.”

Robert realised this meant he would be charged with murder.

He said: “It wasn’t self-defence, he didn’t touch me. He pushed me too far and I snapped.”


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