Emiliano Sala: Airfield owner's tragic revelation on doomed flight – ‘Not fit to be flown’

Emiliano Sala: Airfield owner's tragic revelation on doomed flight – ‘Not fit to be flown’

The footballer tragically died after the plane carrying him and pilot, David Ibbotson crashed. Following a search for the aeroplane, Sala’s body was found, although the body of Mr Ibbotson was not. In the wake of a report released by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB), the owner of the airfield, Humphrey Penney has revealed that the plane had “a lot of problems” as reported by Daily Mail.

Moreover, the regular pilot of the aerocraft, David Henderson insisted that he was “unhappy with the maintenance”.

Mr Penney, who is also a licensed was asked to give his opinion on the Piper PA-46 Malibu plane earlier this summer.

Speaking to MailOnline Mr Peeney said: “What happened is all so sad and tragic.

“We had deep concerns about the plane when we looked it at a-year-ago.

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“We nearly took it on but didn’t because there were so many problems with it.”

Recalling his initial examination of the plane last June, Mr Penney said at the time “a lot needs doing”.

Mr Penney’s revelation of the poor quality of the plane comes following the news that both Sala and the pilot could have been exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide.

According to the report, Sala had a saturation level of 58 percent according to the AAIB report.

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The investigators added that ant level above 50 percent is considered potentially fatal.

The report stated: “It is clear from the symptoms that exposure to CO (carbon monoxide) can reduce or inhibit a pilot’s ability to fly an aircraft depending on the level of that exposure.”

Following the news of supposed carbon monoxide poisoning, Sala’s released a statement from their lawyer, Daniel Machover.

“That dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide have been found in Emiliano’s body raises many questions for the family.

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“How he died will be determined at the inquest in due course.

“The family believe that a detailed technical examination of the plane is necessary.

“The family and the public need to know how the carbon monoxide was able to enter the cabin. “

An initial inquest into the accident heard the that following a post-mortem at Bournemouth Coroners’ Court on February 11 had found that 28-year-old Sala had died due to head and trunk injuries.

The full cause of the footballer’s death will be determined once the investigation and inquest are fully completed.

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