EastEnders fans furiously slam soap for ‘making a mockery of domestic abuse’ by turning Gray into a serial killer


EastEnders fans furiously slam soap for ‘making a mockery of domestic abuse’ by turning Gray into a serial killer

EASTENDERS fans have furiously slammed the soap for “making a mockery of domestic abuse” and “undermining” Chantelle’

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EASTENDERS fans have furiously slammed the soap for “making a mockery of domestic abuse” and “undermining” Chantelle’s harrowing death by turning husband Gray Atkins into a serial killer.

Last night, viewers watched on in shock as the evil lawyer shoved Kush Kazemi in front of an oncoming tube after growing jealous of his romance with Whitney Dean.


EastEnders fans are furious with how Gray’s storyline has unravelled[/caption]

It is his third murder since he killed his wife last year, when the BBC One soap’s disturbing insight into the realities of domestic violence reached its devastating climax.

Shortly before Christmas, Gray killed Tina Carter after she started to realise that he is evil – wrapping her body up in a blanket and chucking it into the boot of a car.

And fans believe the repeated murders are an injustice to the original story, and detract from the severity of domestic violence.

They flocked to Twitter to share their angry reaction after last night’s episode aired – revealing their outrage at how far removed from reality Chantelle’s story had become.


Kush became his third victim in last night’s episode[/caption]


He’d grown jealous of the hunk’s romance with Whitney[/caption]


Gray murdered wife Chantelle last year[/caption]

One wrote: “Turning Gray into a serial killer totally undermines Chantelle’s death and cheapens the domestic violence storyline. New writers soon please.”

Another fumed: “The absolute mockery #EastEnders has made out of the domestic abuse storyline by turning Gray into a serial killer is disgusting. In a time when DA is on the rise due to all the lockdowns, and you do this. Horrific.

“I am beyond disgusted by #EastEnders and the way they have handled what was at first a well written storyline that really could have helped people. Now it’s just an absolute joke. Congrats!”


Her death was the climax of a heartbreaking domestic violence storyline[/caption]


Gray then killed Tina[/caption]


He wrapped her body up before chucking it in his car boot[/caption]

One more agreed: “The writers have just made a mockery of the domestic violence storyline by turning Gray into a serial killer. I just don’t get it 🤨 I love #Eastenders but this just doesn’t sit right with me 🤷🏼♀

Another asked: “I’ve got a question for the EE writers. What was the actual point of making the domestic abuse storyline if the abuser doesn’t get caught??

“If the aim was to make Gray a serial killer then did Chantelle really need to die?”

A fifth seethed: “Having Gray kill Kush totally takes away from the powerful domestic abuse storyline and the message they were trying to get across Now Gray is just some crazed serial killer. And the killing of Chantelle has, sadly been completely diluted.”

Gray and Chantelle were originally introduced to Walford as the picture-perfect couple, with rich and handsome Gray, played by Toby-Alexander Smith, perceived as the perfect, devoted husband.

However, behind closed doors he was violent, controlling, and abusive – behaviour which had worsened over lockdown, leading Chantelle [Jessica Plummer] to plot her escape with their two kids.

When Gray found out about her plan, he tracked them down on a family holiday and brought them back home – and when a fiery fight saw Chantelle trip and fall onto a knife blade sticking up from the dishwasher he cruelly left her there to die.


Gray and Chantelle were initially introduced as the picture perfect couple[/caption]

BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes

The highly praised storyline showed the realities of domestic violence[/caption]


But it has now been branded ‘a mockery’[/caption]

He painstakingly planned his alibi by taking a stroll around Albert Square while his wife bled to death, and orchestrated his fake reaction to the scene upon his return home in a bid to maintain his innocence.

EastEnders initially won heavy praise for its portrayal of domestic violence, being lauded for showing how anybody can be a victim of abuse, or an abuser, behind closed doors.

However, the decision to have Gray go on to murder other Walford residents has deflected from the reality of the initial storyline, with viewers angry that Chantelle will never truly get justice.