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Dancing on Ice: Rebekah Vardy unveils her strategy to stay in the competition and win

As for how rehearsals have gone for the mother of five, she said she has always been “petrified of the ice, having an injury and falling”. 

“I’ve fallen over pretty much most of my sessions,” Becky added to and other publications. “But I’ve learned to just go with the fall and you just have to accept it’s part of what you do – none of us want to get injured. 

“But I’m just trying not to focus on it and stress about it too much because I found I was so nervous when I first stepped on the ice that my whole body would tense and then I would keep falling over! 

“I’m trying to stay relaxed and try not think about injuries too much, because you can never predict what’s going to happen when you’re on ice, but I just got hope that get through the competition and and not be taken out by injury.” 

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