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Dan Walker: BBC host stirs the pot with fresh swipe at Piers Morgan over Antigua trip

Fans of fueding breakfast show hosts Dan Walker, 43, and Piers Morgan, 55, know it’s only a matter of time before one or the other begins yet another sparring match as they remain at each others throats on social media, calling one another out over interviews they would have done differently, bickering over which morning news show is better or condemning actions they may or may not have taken themselves. We’ve all come to expect the stark tension that’s been present between the pair for a fair few years, as the two can’t help themselves when it comes to taking little digs at each other. And, as if by magic, it appears Dan has taken the plunge. In a new move against the Good Morning Britain host, the BBC Breakfast star seemingly decided it was time to reignite the fire of their long-running battle.

Taking to Twitter, he appeared to take aim at the outspoken ITV host and his highly-criticised trip to Antigua over the Christmas holidays.

It comes after Professor Devi Sridhar of Global Public Health at Edinburgh Uni Med School responded to a user, saying: “I would like to help advise how best to suppress the virus then take a long holiday on a hot beach drinking cocktails.”

After coming across the post, Dan couldn’t help but insert a cheeky remark about those who were choosing to leave the country over the festive period when the UK was on the brink of a third lockdown and strict travel rules were in place.

“I hear some people just chose to go on holiday over Christmas anyway,” he retorted, with an eyes-wide-open emoji.

It didn’t take long before fans began to assume who the BBC presenter was referring to, but he is yet to confirm whether the indirect response was about Piers.

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“Yes, I think @piersmorgan @GMB, required two planes for his Antigua, tier breaking holiday, one for him and one for his ego,” one joked.

Another added: “I’m not mentioning your itv rival/journo colleague/sparring partner!”

“Yes and they are the ones preaching to the rest of us!” a third snapped.

A fourth commented: “One individual told his viewers to cancel Xmas whilst going on his jolly. Some mugs listened to him!”

Meanwhile a fifth made a light-hearted joked: “Antigua is lovely this time of the year.”

“Piers was publicly calling for Christmas to be cancelled and tougher restrictions. He flew to Antigua first class on Virgin before Christmas Day.”

The presenter was then forced to explain what rules he had followed, insisting he hadn’t broken any and practiced what he peached.

He also followed his defence up with a video of Transport Secretary Grant Shapps’ testimony of what could and couldn’t be done in a Tier 3 area.

But this isn’t the first time Dan has taken a swipe at Piers over his contested trip.

Last week, after being quizzed about the holiday on social media, Dan first expressed his thoughts on Home Secretary Priti Patel’s recent press conference, in which she discussed the latest lockdown and urged citizens to comply with the current rules in place as coronavirus cases continue to soar.

In response to this, the BBC Breakfast star wrote: “After watching the Priti Patel press conference I’m not sure if she thinks the rules are clear or not. Anyone?”

Amongst hundreds of replies to Dan, one user seemingly couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Piers.

They wrote: “Do you think going to Antigua is in the rules then blasting the rest of the country for staying at home?”

Cleverly not mentioning his name once again, the presenter replied: “You’ll have to ask someone who did and see what they think.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekday at 6am on BBC One and GMB begins at the same time over on ITV.

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