Childhood sweethearts reveal on Valentine’s Day why they decided to get married again four years after their divorce

Childhood sweethearts reveal on Valentine’s Day why they decided to get married again four years after their divorce

GLOWING in her white wedding gown, Angela Begg says “I do” – for the second time to the same man.

Eight years earlier she had first married Sean Begg a car painter — only to split up after less than two years. But after going their separate ways, they rekindled their love in 2015.

Angela and Sean have been married twice
David Cummings – The Sun

Full-time mum Angela, 31, who has sons SJ, ten, and Kaidyn, three, with Sean, also 31, and is expecting their third child, says: “Sean and I met at school and started a romance when I was just 15.

“We were inseparable and after our exams Sean started work painting cars and I found a job as an office worker. In 2007 Sean pulled out a ring with three diamonds and asked me to be his wife.

“We were living with my parents and started saving money to plan the wedding but then, in April 2008, I discovered I was pregnant. When SJ was born in January 2009 we set a date to say our vows in October the same year.

“I planned everything — my dream strapless gown, three bridesmaids. I kept having to pinch myself with joy. I felt so lucky to have a husband and son at 21. We found a flat and at first everything was perfect, but after 12 months cracks began to show.

The couple first got married in 2009 when Angela was just 21
They were a young couple with a baby when they got married for the first time

“The easy life of living with my parents was replaced with bills and budgets, and when SJ was diagnosed with autism it put a lot of pressure on us as a couple.

“Just 18 months after we married, Sean said everything had happened too fast and he wanted out. He moved out a week later and we divorced in August 2013.”

The pair began leading separate lives, seeing each other every few weeks so Sean could pick up SJ.

Angela says: “I didn’t have much time to wallow — SJ needed my full-time attention.

The couple were divorced and got married again in 2017

“But when I found out Sean had started dating again, a few months later, it hit me. I didn’t have time to date. I embraced time alone, putting everything into being a mum.”

When Sean split from his girlfriend in 2014, Angela did not think anything would change.

She says: “I was used to being on my own by this point. But on the days Sean would drop SJ off, he started hanging around for tea. It was nice to clear the air between us.

“For six months nothing happened, but eventually Sean started staying for longer. We’d talk for hours and it felt like I was getting to know him all over again.

Angela says she felt like she got to know her husband all over again
David Cummings – The Sun

“One night, we opened a bottle of wine, one thing led to another and we had sex. I thought it was a one-off but I found out I was pregnant in March 2015.

“He said he would support me through it and we would just have to see what happened between us.”

Sadly, Angela lost her baby at three months. She says: “It was awful but it made me realise how much Sean had matured. He really helped me through the loss and it brought us closer than ever.”

The pair started dating casually again and in May, Angela was pregnant again.

Sean proposed to Angela in Paris when she was 8 months pregnant

She says: “Sean took me to Paris for a birthday weekend in December.

“I was eight months pregnant and halfway through dinner at the Eiffel Tower when Sean got down on one knee, pulled out a ring and proposed.

“My friends were shocked. They couldn’t understand why we didn’t just live together instead of getting remarried. But we knew we needed to show each other how much we were committed second time around. Our parents were thrilled.”

Their second son Kaidyn was born in February 2016 and they remarried on the Greek island of Rhodes in July 2017.

Angela is pregnant again and the happy couple are expecting their new arrival in the next couple of weeks
David Cummings – The Sun

Angela says: “We wanted a totally different wedding to our first. I wore a flowing white dress with thin straps and there were 15 guests, all of whom had attended our first wedding.

“Now I’m pregnant again and the baby is due in a few weeks — we couldn’t be happier.

“We don’t regret the marriage and divorce — it made us stronger. He’s the only man I’ve ever had sex with and he’s the only man I’ll ever marry — no matter how many times.”

Sean says: “When we got divorced, I thought that was it. I needed that time but it taught me that the grass isn’t greener.

“We were young, but now I’ve grown up I’m going to be the best husband and dad I can be.”


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