Child Benefit warning: Britons must bear a key deadline in mind or risk losing out

Child Benefit is a payment which is dedicated to helping people with the myriad of costs associated with raising a child. It is available to those with a child either under the age of 16, or under 20 if they remain in approved education or training. There are two Child Benefit tiers which are based on who the allowance is for, and which are worth bearing in mind.

As such, the Money Advice Service has urged eligible people to claim the benefit “straight away”.

If a claim is not made early, Britons could risk losing out on backdated benefits, with the situation unable to be rectified.

Amid the financial challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, acting early could prove even more important.

Unlocking as much cash as possible is vital for families who need to find additional support.

Child Benefit can be claimed as soon as a parent or guardian either registers the birth of the child, or the child comes to live with them.

Due to COVID-19, some may be unable to register their child as normal due to restrictions.

However, these people are still able to make a claim to receive Child Benefit, and should inform the Child Benefit Office of their situation.

It is important to note though, only one person can receive Child Benefit for a child.

Therefore, those who are in two parent households will need to decide whether it is better for them or their partner to claim.

A parent who is not working or earns less than £166 per week could benefit from claiming as they will receive valuable National Insurance credits towards their state pension.

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