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Carol Kirkwood shuts down Charlie Stayt as he disrupts weather forecast ‘Gonna press on!'

Louise Minchin and Charlie Stayt were the two fronting BBC Breakfast this morning to bring the latest headlines to BBC One viewers. Joining them was Carol Kirkwood, who was on hand to provide an encouraging weather update and promise milder temperatures to sweep over the UK later today. However, with news surrounding NASA’s rover Perseverance landing on Mars piquing Charlie and Louise’s attention, the former tried to get Carol involved in the conversation.

However, it’s safe to say Carol had no time for the discussion when it came to Perseverance, instead, focusing on getting the UK weather forecast out to viewers.

After hearing from Dr Moogega Cooper from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory about the Mars landing, Charlie joked he’d be hearing from Carol about the weather on the Red Planet.

“Let’s pick up on the Mars thing and we’ll get the weather on Mars now,” Charlie said.

“Carol’s got the details for us. How’s it looking Carol?” he added, prompting a confused reaction from the BBC Breakfast weather reporter.

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“On Mars, hmmm…” Carol pondered as she struggled to answer but Charlie wasn’t done there.

“I’ll tell you what we do know, Carol, is it’s windy because they listened in, didn’t they?” Charlie added.

He continued: “You could hear the little whistle of the wind”

Seemingly keen to move the conversation, Carol tried to veer attention towards her own forecast.

“No, because I’ve only got a minute and a half and I want to get the UK forecast done so I’m going to press on!” Carol snapped with a smile.


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