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Carol Kirkwood feared being replaced by ‘younger girls who would kill for’ BBC Breakfast

Carol joined the BBC as a secretarial reserve in London before she enrolled in a presenter training programme in 1993.

Five years later, after training at The MET Office and having brief stints on the radio, she enrolled in the BBC’s Weather Centre.

Since then, the star has presented forecasts for BBC News, BBC World, BBC News At Six along with her most notable slot on BBC Breakfast. 

While Carol has appeared in other shows – including CBBC, Would I Lie To You?, Strictly Come Dancing and Hollyoaks – she maintains BBC Breakfast is her “dream job”.

In 2018, she told the Radio Times that she adored the show despite its “gruelling” schedule.

The job requires Carol to wake up at 2.45am and discuss weather forecasts two hours later, all in preparation for her first broadcast.

She claimed to feel like she had “permanent jet lag” due to the hours and refused to drink during the week in case it impacted her ability to talk.

JUST IN: Carol Kirkwood would ‘hang on by fingernails to stay on BBC Breakfast’

“As long as [BBC] Breakfast wants me, I’ll be there… I love it.”

She admitted to regularly being complimented in public due to her TV appearance.

But on the odd occasion, recalled being moaned at for getting weather reports wrong.

In 2012, Carol told The Sun: “If people’s barbecues get ruined then it’s all my fault.”

The star joked that many people were uncertain about her age due to it being noted down incorrectly in different interviews.

She suggested that the error led to mockery from those closest to her – as she was often listed as being older than her actual age.

Carol said: “My friends have a field day with it.”

Age was reported to be a big concern for the star, according to The Sun journalist Matt Bendoris. 

He described that she “turned serious” when discussing it in relation to how long she could remain on TV.

Carol said: “Look, I know there are thousands of younger girls who will kill for my job.”

She revealed her fears about ageing, when she said: “And I know the clock is ticking down for me.”

Carol said it would be “like losing a limb” when she is told she can “no longer” present weather forecasts.

However, in line with her “typically jovial form”, she added: “Until then it’s a case of, ‘Make hay while the sun shines.’”

BBC Breakfast airs at 6am on BBC One.

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