Britons furious as EU issue on-air Brexit ultimatum – trade deal on the brink

With just weeks before the transition period comes to an end in December, Boris Johnson is pushing to secure a Brexit deal with the EU but a no deal outcome is seeming more likely.

This week, Ireland’s foreign minister Simon Coveney said the EU will not do a trade deal if the UK tries to restore the law-breaking Internal Market Bill clauses.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Coveney said: “If the British government is determined to continue with their Internal Market Bill, to reintroduce parts of that Bill that were removed by the House of Lords this week, then I think this is a deal that won’t be ratified by the EU.

“There’s no way the EU would agree to ratify a new agreement if the British government is breaking the existing agreement which is not even 12 months old.”

But following the EU’s ultimatum, Britons have hit back claiming Brussels is “scared” and need to “come back to us with a realistic conversation”.

Some argued the UK will thrive if Britain walks away with no deal while demanded Brussels “respect UK sovereignty”.

One person said: “They are scared and they are panicking as they know the colossal damage and losses they face if they have to pay tariffs.

“From the UK’s position, the no deal WTO tariff solution would benefit us significantly with no ties to the EU.

“It would strengthen the UK while wearing our competitors that happen to be our neighbours.

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“It’s up then to the EU to come back to us with a realistic conversation.”

A fourth reader said: “The EU wants to protect its own internal market, yet the UK cannot protect its own internal market that is more than 200 years old.”

A fifth person said a no deal is always better than a “bad deal”.

They said: “We will not be rule takers of the EU.

“We demand they respect UK sovereignty. No deal is what we voted for.

“We voted to leave the EU not to be ruled by them! No deal is and always will be better than a bad deal.

“The EU are offering a very bad deal.”

Environment Secretary George Eustice also rejected the ultimatum and said the UK Government would reimpose those measures.

He explained: “This needs to be a week when things move, we break through these issues and get a resolution.

“Otherwise we run out of time to implement it.”

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