Brexit LIVE: Diehard Remainers would 'like to break up UK' to prove Project Fear claims

The former BBC journalist made the claims on Twitter, where he suggested Remainers would be in favour of Scotland, and other nations, splitting from the UK. Mr Neil states the pro-EU supporters would want to see the four nations break apart, as it would prove Project Fear claims and show Brexit was a terrible move for the Union.

In response to a discussion about the economic impact of Brexit, Mr Neil told a Twitter follower: “There a number of diehard Remainers who would quite like the UK to break up, if only to vindicate their claims that Britain would pay a terrible price for Brexit.”

Dozens of people responded to the Tweet and said they agreed Remainers want Brexit to fail in order to suit their own agenda.

One person wrote: “The amount of Remoaners who literally do want the UK to do badly in order that they are proven right is insanely high. Ego is everything to them.”

Another user said: “That’s the key point Andrew Nwil. Most Remainers have moved on.

“But some diehard ones are trawling around looking for bad news to prove them right. Sad.”

A third person said: “I also think there’s a few Labour supporters who wouldn’t mind seeing Scotland leave to spite Johnson.”

Mr Neil has become increasingly vocal about Scottish Independence in recent months and weeks, and this weekend he appeared to mock the SNP for their currency aims if they quit the UK.

The political broadcaster pointed out that ahead of the 2014 Scottish independence vote the SNP vowed to keep Scotland in the Sterling, despite the UK Government saying that was out of the question.

He said the issue has been compounded by Scotland’s hopes to rejoin the EU when out of the Union and pointed out the SNP has yet to devise a policy on its currency aims.


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